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    I hate my iphone

    We just updated the wife iphone to the newest update 15.3. It seems to be working now. She hasn't dropped a call in the toyota since the new update. You guys may try that and see if that helps. Good luck
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    Common hunting colloquialisms

    "Get your dick skinners off that"
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    I hate my iphone

    I've done everything I can to fix the wife's issue with her tacoma (15). Deleted everything and reinstalled and pair everything from new. Nothing has worked. Either toyota needs to come out with an update to fix the issue or we wait for iphone to do something about it. Neither 1 seem like they...
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    I hate my iphone

    Is the car your trying to connect to a toyota? My wife is having the same issue after upgrading her iPhone. Works a couple mins and then disconnects. A friend at work also has problems with his iPhone connecting to his tundra. My galaxy works fine and I just upgraded a couple weeks ago. Wife's...
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    California proposed regulation changes

    All the proposals seem good to me. The one that stuck out was what they called the grandma rule. I never knew such a scam excited. How has that been legal this whole time. Its no wonder you see guys in premium zones year after year. 2 bears would be cool. The splitting up of some of the zones...
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    Smoker - Pit Boss 7 Series?

    I got a 5 series also. Works great. There is not much to them. To my understanding most parts are interchangeable with traeger. 4 years, not rust and fires up every time.
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    New shocks for Ram 2500

    I put the 5100 bilsteins, front and rear on my truck. Happy as could be. Definitely soaks up the pot holes and ruts pretty good. Nice looking shock aslo.
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    Surf fishing

    CA coast from Monterey to Mendocino. Surf perch, stripers, and personal favorite is crab snarring with a 12ft surf pole. Great summer bite for perch and stripers. I've also caught Leppard sharks, rays, herring, mackerel unintentionally. Last year i converted an old power wheels into a beach...
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    Superfeet Insoles…… anyone not like?

    Didn't like the green one. Just went back to what I used before. Sof sole.
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    Female Dog Names

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    Its happening again in California

    Good news.. bad news. Some open back up tomorrow. Im back open and the plan is back on!
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    Its happening again in California

    No news is good news? Getting real close. I packed my bag up today in hopes of next Saturday being open.
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    Need help finding a Thermarest Xtherm Large

    couple hrs ago i just bought the xtherm max reg/wide off amazon. it says it will be here by the 10th. they will be back in stock in a couple days and it was $179. Figured that was my best option, to get in line. Dont need it till the 18th so hopefully all goes well.
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    Would this work?

    I've wondered the same thing. Why can't I login in, or the ballot have some code I can enter into a website so I make sure there's no funny bussiness. Seems easy enough considering the times. Heck sometimes on the tiny elections that have 8 candidates, ill forget who I picked and just want to...
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    The Rokslide Stock Traders Thread

    Xrp,ada,algo i keep dumping cash in and it keeps on paying off. They've done 100%+ in a short time. Maybe a month.Sold off mana,bat. Dipped into xdc. Reduced ewt just in time for a 25% boost. Of course but everything else paying off.