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    New truck?

    I’ve been very happy w my 2013 F150 FX4 (120k miles) and plan to make it a “ranch truck” when I get enough saved for a new truck. I’m looking at the new Ford “Tremor” coming out in 2020. It’s pretty much under the radar as far as I can tell. You might take a look at it if you don’t like the...
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    Southwest CO Elk disappointment

    Spent almost 2 weeks in Units 70 and 71 at varying elevations and locations. Saw 1 bull, no bugling, minimal recent activity of elk or deer. Similar reports and impressions from other hunters and forest service people. Read an article last year about the decreasing number of elk in SW CO...
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    Solar power for the house

    I have a 12kW system in SW CO. It’s on my vacation home (and where I will retire), so I’m not there full time. I’m grid tied as well, and I haven’t had an electric bill since I flipped the switch on the panels almost 3 full years ago. I have received money back each year as well. I like that I...
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    Looking for a tree saddle

    Hey guys I’m trying to find a saddle hunting system to use this September but am only being told there are no products available for several weeks, into October or later. Can anyone direct me to a manufacturer of a quality saddle that has their products in stock and ready to ship? I would...
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    Please critique this article

    Y’all are all on the same page as I am. The person who had posted it, and all the others that posted comments were so saddened by the human caused catastrophe and the malice of mankind and on and on until I couldn’t take it any more. They’re pissed now. Oh well!👍
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    Colorado left-over licenses tips

    Excellent attitude and plan. I’m on the same page. The Daily Stoic is an email I get. It presents a specific point/lesson every day. If you aren’t already aware of it, you might check it out. Good luck to all!!
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    For the Rokslider who has everything... but this.

    LOL!! Nope!!!
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    Had to have it done. Rotator Cuff

    Coming back to this after laying off of the forum for a while. I hope everyone is continuing to heal and rehab, regardless of what stage of this game you’re in. I would echo the comments about PT. Very important. Do as instructed, but don’t overdo it. Had to chuckle at the comment above saying...
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    Please critique this article

    Got into a discussion on another social media venue about this article, the picture posted in it, and the reason the “scientists” assigned to the death of a herd of reindeer. If you have the time, please read it and give me your thoughts. Just curious. I don’t want to bias you by writing what I...
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    Iron Will Broadhead and Reinforced HIT System - Winner Announced!

    Would love to win!!! Thanks Iron Will!
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    Is a 25 degree bag enough for September in Colorado?

    WM is a great brand. But I’d rather have too much bag rather than too little. So I’d go w a warmer bag.
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    Arrow Building, By Jimmy Tippetts

    A problem I have is having the outsert pull off the arrow when removing them from a target. What glue/compound do you recommend??
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    Anyone had a inguinal hernia? Advice appreciated

    Laparoscopic robotic surgery is different that just "laparoscopic" hernia repair. The robot allows the surgeon to approach the inside of the hernia, open the fascia there, place the mesh in the appropriate location, close the fascia and the hernia defect MUCH more effectively than conventional...
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    Iron Will Noise

    I've mentioned on several different threads that a flaw in the IW 125gr broad heads I have is that they hiss, noticeably. They hiss regardless of what bow I shoot them from, which arrow they're on, windy, calm, no matter. I haven't had the chance to hunt with them to see if it would be an issue...