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  • .30 180gr Accubonds (28)...saw your post on the reloading thread. Would you be interested in selling these I was working up a load for my 300 wsm and could use more 180 gr AB when all the shortages happened. THanks
    Hey brother I will take the bottom metal if you can give me until next Thursday. I can do 50 now then the other 150 on payday. Let me know if that works for you
    Hi there. Thanks again for sharing your moose hunting experience. I just posted in the thread, but wanted to message you personally as well. I just recently found myself in the same situation you were in. I drew the same tag you did the first time I put in. I obviously didn't expect to draw and I feel very under prepared already. If there is any information you would be willing to share, like literature you found helpful or things you would have done differently, it would be greatly appreciated. I put a little more information in the thread, I didn't want to make this message too long winded. Thanks
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