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    2020 Had Its Moments...First Muley Buck!

    Solid work, congrats!.... Mike
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    Boat Novice...tiller jet for western rivers? Why so hard to find hull/jet/tiller combo?

    Few things to remember or consider, a lot of the river runner hulls used in the N.W are heavy duty plate construction, designed to take abuse, a lighter gauge hull such as the sea-ark will not handle the same. a lot of guys down here use light hulls and are fine. The sea-ark hulls are well...
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    Blacktail bucks

    That one didn't miss many dinners... damn nice buck, congrats! Mike
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    B Zone Chatter 2020

    Did you check your rifle's zero after the last lost buck?,,, possible windage shift?.. sometimes overlooked after a miss, or weak hit, Mike
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    2020 buck down

    Solid buck, congrats on your plan coming together ! Mike
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    B Zone Chatter 2020

    lol,, only job in the world where you can screw up 90% of the time, and still keep it. Mike
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    4 Cubs

    Had a sow with 4 cubs up a tree about 20' from the house one morning about 4 am... not quite what I expected when I responded to some Mike
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    Grizzly Kills Bull Elk In the Yellowstone River, Hayden Valley, Sept.18 ,2020

    Damn... when they floated into deeper water, that bear looked like a log roller at the old logging days. Live is cruel and no mercy shown in the wild. Pretty impressive footage! Mike
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    Solo OTC success

    Congrats, you'll remember that one forever!... Mike
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    I keep reading about these bulls people are tagging and not finding....

    Makes me sick when I hear of guys loosing animals... I think a vast majority don't do near enough practice with their bow. And I'm still amazed at how many guys use to screw on fixed blade broadheads, the night before the hunt, and find out they aren't grouping the same... and mechanicals don't...
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    760 lb wisconsin black bear

    Damn Volkswagen bug with fur on it.... like to see the pics... Mike
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    Sold Cabelas Supermag 1600 Waders

    Size would be helpful.....
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    4th time was the charm

    Congrats on getting it done!, glad you were able to follow up with another arrow, and secure the deal. You'll remember that hunt forever, it's the beginning of a lot of successful seasons. As said, sometimes bad hits happen, being able to finish the task is a rewarding feeling. Mike
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    Last minute California marble mountain elk tag

    Congrats on your bull Brooks, well done ! looking forward to the story. Mike
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    2020 general season archery success

    Congrats on a great buck!.. how tall is he?.. as mentioned a full story would be a welcomed read. Mike