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    WTB Browning A Bolt 25 wssm $450?

    Yea and the magazine is polymer . Not near the great rifle the ab1 or ab2 were
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    new turkey gun

    Great choice. I used a sp-10 for years and with the new tss ammo I went back to a 835. It will out shoot the 10
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    186" Public Land Giant

    Stud. Congratulations
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    My biggest NY whitetail

    Nice. Congrats
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    11th hour muzzleloader buck

    Congrats that’s great
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    Let's see some traditional harvests!

    Kentucky Longbeard. Few years back
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    Sold Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather SS - 7mm

    Bump for a nice rifle
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    Just bought a bare used Vertix..

    Axcel Sight QAD rest Bee Stinger Stab
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    Is a Flagship Bow Worth It?

    I’ll keep my $500+ and my old bow
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    Is a Flagship Bow Worth It?

    I agree 100%. You can’t keep up with all the bow said improvements from Year to year. I don’t really think there’s that much difference in a new bow or a 5 year old bow.
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    Blessed with 50 years of deer hunting.

    That’s great hope you have many more years to enjoy it. God bless
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    My newest buck

    Nice. Congratulations. God bless
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    Coffee maker

  14. monsterbucks

    One item you wish you carried sooner?

    Toilet Paper. I never hunt without it. Lol

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