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    Sleeping Bag and Pad for NWT

    I've been through a lot of sleeping pads and I found this one on Amazon and I absolutely love it. Its been to the Yukon twice and up in the Windriver range in Wyoming. It is awesome and doesn't sound like your screwing a plastic doll when you roll around on it...
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    Ethics vs Excitement

    Did you ever tell us what your theory was on the OP? Maybe I scanned over it.
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    Going From Rifle to Compound

    I'm 49 years old. Life long hunter on the east coast. I've been bow hunting for almost 30 years for whitetail. The last 12 years I've been going out west on various hunting trips for Mule Deer, Elk, Moose, Sheep, you name it. Being proficient with a bow all comes down to the range you...
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    Protein Feeders that wont Clog

    You guys who use Boss Feeders, where do you live and hunt? Reason I ask is because I have yet to find a gravity protein feeder that doesn't take on humidity. Trying to operate one has been a waste of effort because of the humidity we have. I live on the coast of Georgia and hot and humid is...
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    Am I a jerk? (Read before voting)

    My opinion is you are either letting them hunt, or you are hunting. I have two girls who go with me from time to time and when they go, I am an observer and coach. If the equivalent of Hercules the Deer walks out, its their moment. Do I think you are a jerk? No. But if you've accomplished...
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    Hanging Elk on Fireplace

    I am a General Contractor and own a construction company. I also have my European Moose Mount (65" wide spread so its heavy) over my own fire place. If you do not put backing behind the masonry to hold the anchor you should not expect decorative wall masonry to hold the anchor in place. You...
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    WTS Kifaru Gear Packs, Bags, Accessories

    PMs sent. water Bottle holder is sold. 1 large belt pouch is sold. Both Claymore sold
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    WTS Kifaru Gear Packs, Bags, Accessories

    I have a Tactical Frame tall with small belt. I’m 6’1” 182lbs for reference $250. Ranger green. Woodsman bag in Ranger Green $175 TYD. ($400 if bought with frame). It is 3400 cubic inches and at full capacity it pushes 4000 cubic. two claymore bags in Ranger green with mole straps. These...
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    Jim Shockey on Border Closure

    The analogy he gave had to do with the Covid effect on border opening in general with regards to Canadian outfitters and American Hunters. I didn't read his analogy to be based on what Shockey said. I think we can all agree that what Shockey said isn't entirely factual and its completely...
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    Jim Shockey on Border Closure

    This is an excellent analogy. You can't blame the taxidermist for the tornado and you can't blame the outfitter for Covid. On a side note regarding Jim Shockey, I think he's dramatizing his end of this. Jim doesn't even run his operation. His partner does. He just flies in for the...
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    Jim Shockey on Border Closure

    So I'm in the middle of this crap now. I went to the Yukon to hunt Moose in 2018. Had a great successful hunt with a very reputable and respected outfitter whose land is literally north adjacent of Shockey's. At the end of that hunt I gave a big tip and booked a 2020 sheep hunt. Covid hits...
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    What’s the gnarliest situation you’ve been in while hunting?

    My dog slid off the wet deck of my skiff right next to a wounded 10' alligator in 10' of water so I jumped in after him. Held the gator's tail with a death grip of one arm while I grabbed the dogs collar with the other hand and screaming at my friend to shoot the gator, which after what seemed...
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    US Canada Border close to re-opening?!

    I'm reading over the last few days that this may actually happen particularly for those that have been vaccinated. I had a Dall Sheep hunt planned in the Yukon for 2020 that was moved to August of this year 2021. It's been completely touch and go thus far. Any of the Canadians on this board...
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    WTS KUIU Attack Pants, Pro Pants, and Yukon Gaiters

    Update: Attack Pants Sold. Gaiters pending sale. Pro Pants still available.