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    WTB Tikka T3x lite 204

    I’m also looking for one! So frustrating, looking at rebarreling as well.
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    Tikka 2022

    I wish we could get Lite or Superlite with a cheek riser and threaded. I also want a .204 ruger caliber in stainless. If we are dreaming.
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    We Need Your Help!

    There's a lot more to the story than the pictures above. I hope you get a chance to watch!
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    We Need Your Help!

    Today and tomorrow are the last days to VOTE!! (Tuesday 11/30). Thank you to everyone who has supported this film, watched it an voted. Please vote if you have a moment to help! It's greatly appreciated.
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    2021 Western Hunter Film Festival

    Warning, shameless plug!! :) A film (DUST to DUST) that I put together with my good friend Luke was selected as a finalist in the Amateur Long category!! We would be grateful for your vote but only if you enjoy the film and feel it is worthy. There is so much more to the story than the pictures...
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    We Need Your Help!

    Sounds good guys, hope you enjoy the film!
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    We Need Your Help!

    Roksliders, we need your help... we found out a recent film my buddy Luke and I made about his good friend Jay called DUST to DUST was selected as a finalist in the Western Hunter Film Festival!! I'm very passionate about this film as it has a lot of meaning as you'll see if you watch it...
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    Finalizing my elk strategy

    Congrats! Love it when a plan comes together.
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    Best bino harness w/ Pistol holster/carrier?

    Anyone have pics of their set up? I’ve carried on the waist belt of my pack. Do people prefer the bino harness location over the waist belt?
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    Most accurate budget rifle

    Tikka is my vote.
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    New guy from NC

    Welcome! What’s it like hunting in NC?
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    New guy in Washington, grew up hunting in Upstate NY

    Welcome! What part of WA? I lived in Yakima for a couple years.
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    Rattlin Horns

    Those are awesome! Nice work. Have other examples of work?
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    Best Base Layer

    I prefer merino wool for base layers but I think for your question the more important thing to focus on is a solid layering system. You want insulation layers like down of you are sitting for hours but need an outer layer for wind or else the insulation can be useless. Best of luck hunting!
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    Tell us what weapon type, win Novagrade Universal Digiscoping Gear!

    Archery for deer here in Nebraska!