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    Black Eagle Arrows

    Looking at everyone’s thoughts on the best Black Eagle arrow? I mainly hunt whitetail in pa but also looking for something for Elk our west in Colorado. Just looking for the best options out there. Any thoughts?
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    Pm sent
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    WTS MSR water filter and new filter

    Is this the miniworks or the miniworks ex?
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    Still available?
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    Sold Brand New Kifaru Reckoning

    Still available
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    Top choices for Colorado Elk Rangefinder?

    Looking for suggestions on what everyone thinks is a good option for an archery elk hunt in Colorado? Looking at middle of the road type stuff. Want something that is good but won’t break the bank. Suggestions?
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    What bino harness?

    Does the marsupial have any extra pockets for gear such as wind indicator, release,etc? I see the front zip but wasn’t sure if there was room inside or not for other things.
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    First DIY Backpack Hunt

    Does anyone have an recommendations on a pack for 5 days complete backpacking. I was thinking the kifaru reckoning. What add ons would anyone recommend? Is there another kifaru bag that may be better with add ons? Thanks!
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    Basic Gear List Advice

    Following this to get more advice from others
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    What bino harness?

    After looking at the OV Ridgetop, I really like this one. I liked the flip style and magnetic closure of the badlands over all others I’ve seen. This Ridgetop is the same principle but seems better actually. I like the added feature of the rain cover. I think I’m going to order the Ridgetop and...
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    What bino harness?

    Any one running a badlands Bino pack? I feel like they are useful but kinda bulky. I love the mag closure and the flip away from the body lid. Any thoughts of something similar that may be less bulky?
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    Tonneau cover suggestions

    Diamondback is bulletproof. Great cover. Also like the trifold type if you want a little more access and ability to remove for larger items.
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    Puffer wind checker bottle?

    I like the idea but do you ever have a problem with the baking soda caking up?
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    Trekking Poles?

    I guess what I meant is, my buddy and I thought about splitting them between us. So we would both have one?
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    How many game bags in your pack.

    Great idea!