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    HSM 185 or 210 grain 308 ammo questions

    Picked up a new to me Tikka T3X stainless. Wondering if anybody here is having any success shooting HSM 185 or 210 grain ammo? Pros, cons?
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    Kifaru slick bag storage

    What is the best way to store a Kifaru slick bag for long term? I have the 5 string stuff, but wondering if that is a good long term solution, or if a big tote box is better?
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    WTB Tikka T3X stainless or Howa Alpine Mountain rifle

    Looking for a used Howa Alpine Mountain or Tikka T3x stainless in 7mm08 or 308.
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    WTB Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo or Carbon Defiant / Defiant Turbo

    WTB Hoyt Carbon Spyder or Carbon Spyder Turbo Looking for a used Hoyt Carbon Spyder 34, Turbo or Carbon Defiant 34 / Defiant Turbo. Needs to be a #3 cam. I have a 29.5" draw. Let me know what you have.
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    Question about 5r mil spec in 300wm

    Anybody use this rifle as an Elk rifle? My biggest concern is weight. I know heavy is good for recoil, but detrimental for packability. Can this rifle be kept at 11# or less with scope? Pros, cons?
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    First rifle help

    I had a post earlier asking about the CTR as a hunting rifle. I went out this last weekend with a borrowed Savage scout rifle In 308 with a detachable mag and a heavier barrel. After lugging that thing around for a couple days, I no longer wish for a detachable mag heavy barrel rifle for...
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    Which Tikka?

    For an all pourpose hunting / range rifle should you choose a Tikka T3X lite compact or the Tikka T3X CTR. Both are going to be 308. I am wondering if there is enough meat on the T3X lite barrel to thread 5/8x24 or if an adapter will be required.
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    Bowhunter needs rifle help

    Help a bowhunter out.... Im teaching myself to hunt, yes I'm a late onset adult hunter, who is trying to learn how to hunt Antelope, Whitetail & Mule dear, Elk, and maybe even the occasional Bear. I'm looking at picking up a rifle to aid in my meat gathering ability, since I can't kill anything...
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    Whats missing?

    Help with rounding out my clothing system Looking to round out my First Lite gear. What piece is missing from this list or needs to be addressed next? Minaret aerowool crew Glenbrook 3/4 aerowool bottoms Kanab pants Chama hoodie Chama EXP heavyweight Uncompahgre vest Boundary stormtight pant I...
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    Thumb release questions

    Cosidering going to a thumb release (Stan SX3 or Carter Wise Guy) for hunting, indoor leagues, and 3D in 2017. Any body have any advice on how to make the switch? Currently shooting with aTru-Fire huricane wrist strap style.
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    Montana members question

    Are there any members in the Northwest area with a Stone Glacier or Kifaru pack I could try before purchasing?
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    Gear upgrade question

    I have an opportunity to upgrade only one piece of equipment this year. New pack, (Stone Glacier / Kifaru), or new bow Hoyt carbon / Matthews halo 6). I live in Montana and hunt Antelope, deer, elk, moose. What say the experts?