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    The Season - 2019

    Hahaha glad you're eating your fruit!
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    March Madness 2019! Win Prizes!

    Congrats! Good picks!!!
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    March Madness 2019! Win Prizes!

    97th out of 100.... I think I'll stick to hunting.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: Iron Will Deep Six Broadheads Now Shipping

    Thanks to all who told us they are interested in Deep Six versions of our cut on contact broadheads. We are excited to announce engineering and testing is now complete, and deep 6 broadheads with titanium 100 grain and hardened stainless steel 125 grain ferrules are now shipping!
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    How Would You Play It - Timberline Elk Hunt

    Here's the scenario: It's 2pm, looks like it could rain/storm soon, and you find yourself 150 yards away from an elk herd with a nice shooter bull. The ridge spine is 200 yards uphill, and the valley floor is a long ways below. Opening weekend. Knowing this, and making assumptions for all else...
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    Iron Will Outfitters Broadhead Demo Day Saturday March 4

    We'll be out shooting Iron Will Outfitters broadheads at the Lon Hagler Archery Range in Loveland, Colorado Saturday, March 4 from 2-4pm. Late notice, but would love to meet any Front Range Rokslide guys that are up for some shooting! Link for Directions: Google Maps Thanks! -Eric
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    Elk Hunting Nutrition

    Problem: I work all year to gain 10-15 pounds of lean muscle to be in my best shape before elk season. By 15 days into the season, I'm usually down 10 pounds and out of energy. I'm 6'2" and weigh 170 now (lean build). Historically, I've been 155-160 at the end of the season. I'm pretty sure my...
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    Lightening the Load

    Hey Everyone, I thought I would join in asking for advice about how to lighten my load. Due to having a cheap scale, the weights below might not be perfectly accurate. I tried to get the manufacturer's weight from their website for as many of these products as possible. This list includes...
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    Where exactly should the hip belt sit?

    My venture last weekend reminded me that my old Osprey pack and my year-old Kifaru Duplex frame pack both rub the top front of my hips raw. Naturally, the center of the belt wants to rest on the top front of my hip bones (tall skinny body type). However, after it starts rubbing, I move it lower...