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    Kuiu Pro LT 7000

    I am going to pick one up the next time there is a sale Will probably get the xl frame since I am right at the top end of the L size, 19"+ torso
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    bird dog caught in snare

    Maybe we should ban everything on public land
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    Kuiu Pro LT 7000

    Thanks I won't be using it all that much Just a trip or 2 a year when I need more stuff Was wondering about top heaviness actually
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    Kuiu Pro LT 7000

    I need a bigger pack and want to try the 7000. Would like to hear from anyone that has used it. I like the simplicity and weight. Have a SO Goshawk that I love and will keep but sometimes the frame and straps can be a pain in the ass. Also have a MR Sawtooth that I use for day stuff and...
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    Spin off of 5 days in Wyoming deer

    You just have to understand that there is quite a bit of country that just isn't deer country and most of the quality habitat is up high. Not saying that there isn't plenty of good stuff down low but it is less obvious and smaller pockets. Like others have said, not scouting or knowing the...
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    Western Wyoming water availability

    Water in most every little cut and fold around here Lots of times there is too much
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    Kodiak Island August or November?

    3 of us are going mid to late August '22 Don't want to deal with bears and I live in a place with shitty weather so don't want to vacation in it on an island in November Plus the fishing is a big part of the trip also
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    2021 Best Buck Mule Deer Photo Contest

    Wyoming not so high country
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    ID Tag Sales 2022

    Interesting way to get a tag but I got mine so looks like I'll be hunting Idaho for the first time in a long while! I logged in at 9:40 and was number 2200 ish, my buddy did right after me and was 12000+ Maybe I get preference for being born there? Got the tag I wanted. Tiny Idaho bucks here I...
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    Talk Me Out Of a 6mm Creedmoor

    I built one It is my favorite gun. Stupid accurate and easy to load. Shot a 1 5/8" 3 shot group at 660 I don't and have never had a pony tail
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    2021 Idaho General Season Buck

    Love those kicker bucks To kill a deer like that in Idaho in this day and age is a feet for sure Nice work
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    Hunters kill charging grizzly, Idaho

    I always love the "too many bears" argument How about way to damn many people!
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    How to judge rack size

    Big deer look big Really big deer(185+) look huge
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    2021 Best Buck Mule Deer Photo Contest

    New area after I got ran out of my spot by a bunch of morons Never even stepped foot in this area before! Deer all over and not a person around
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    MR Sawtooth 45

    Been using my Sawtooth this year quite a bit and I really like it a lot Fits me well and carries loads very well. In fact I am starting to like it and use it much more than my SO Goshawk. Just packed out a big buck yesterday and it worked like a champ. Great for day use and overnighters I use...