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    Spot burners?

    No. Also, dumb idea. Its interesting how someone will try to censor what they dont agree with. Says a lot about people.
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    Buying through

    Its an individual so they don’t take cards. Unless the site has a way but I’m not familiar with the site. Are there other services than PayPal that would allow me to use a card on a firearm purchase?
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    Buying through

    Has anyone had to file a claim with gunbroker? How did it go. Found a gun I'm considering but sending someone $3k makes me nervous. Seller has 50 something positive reviews but who knows. Any tips for doing a gun purchase like this?
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    lightweight carbon fiber stock for Remington 700 LA

    What caliber and what did the final weight of the rifle end up at?
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    On a side note the smoke is the worst I have seen in S. UT today.
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    I agree that fires need to happen. I fight fires and I have no idea why we are in such a hurry to put out anything that lights up. We kill firefighters trying to put out fires that dont threaten a dang thing other than the overgrowth that needs to burn. We spend 10's of millions and endanger...
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    Narrowing down pad

    Its not that bad just laying with minimal movement, like when you are actually trying to fall asleep. If you are constantly moving around you will notice the crinkle. Its never been an issue for me. I have not once thought it kept me from falling asleep.
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    Wait, Smokey tries to teach people to not be idiots and start fires. Dont throw him under the bus.
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    Dedicated mule deer cartridge. Which one and why?

    If you have or would have one rifle for mule deer only what cartridge and why? Feel free to pick the rifle as well.
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    Can I open up the mag well/feed ramp on my Kimber?

    No, it does not. To add to the original question, I would have to remove about 1/16" of material.
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    Can I open up the mag well/feed ramp on my Kimber?

    I have a Montana in 280ai. I have been messing with a few loads and the best I have found is with 160ABs .02 off the lands. However, the dont fit in the mag. Has anyone sanded out the mag well to make a little more room? Also, I would need to remove a little material from the feed ramp to cut...
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    Mt Dutton Utah Mule Deer

    Its the kind of unit that has some potential but the deer have not been doing well there from what I hear. I work with a guy that hunted it for years and he has moved on from it a few years ago now. I dont know if the last couple of years has changed anything and again this is just from what he...
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    Stay alert out there. Got startled today.
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    Cool Towns to Stop In for a Night (Utah, Colorado, WY)

    It is but it’s really small. Durango has a good sized shopping/downtown area with some good outdoor stores and breweries. The drive from Durango to Ouray is cool.
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    Where’s the stickers at?

    Again with the stickers?