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    WTS Kuiu Gear Dump

    Sent pm
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    Help me pick a tent, please

    I purchased the bivuak. Perfect for my needs. On an early summer trip I had four guys in it. Used it for a hike in antelope hunt earlier this fall and will be using it again in two weeks in Wyoming for deer. I also purchased a Kifaru cylinder stove (lightest I could find) and will use it for the...
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    Talk Me Out Of a 6mm Creedmoor

    Just built one this year for an antelope hunt… freaking love the caliber. Will be using it for years to come.
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    Trijicon Customer Service

    My RMR (use it on the job) went out early this year so I sent it in for warranty repair. Got an email after they received it saying my three year warranty had expired. Called the immediately and informed the it had not cause I had only had it two years. I was told their records showed it was...
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    Help me pick a tent, please

    Checkout NorTent, a company out of Norway… a couple different options to choose from that should fit your needs/wants. I ordered one from them earlier this year and love it… took a minute to get it to the good ole USA but worth the wait.
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    Stove jack for kuiu tent

    @Brianb3, what stove are you running?
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    Visualization - Low Cost vs Quality Bag

    I have run into the same problem with my old (don’t use it any more) SJ… good comparison pics
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    Wyoming mulies, any luck yet.

    All the pics of downed deer are making me anxious to get out there… have to wait another three and half weeks (sons football season) before I’m eastbound
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    2021 Antelope Hunting Success Stories

    Wyoming goat… first time to Wyoming
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    Cartridge Choice

    Got my first goat in years… used my new 6mm Creedmoor, 108 ELD-X. No issues or dissatisfaction in performance
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    First western hunt and point creep

    @ Rich M, and bmrfish… do you know the checker boarding or corner crossing for sure will be a ticket? If so how? The page I posted earlier was straight from Wyoming fish and game’s website. It states specifically that corner crossing does not violate fish and game trespass statute, and depending...
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    First western hunt and point creep

    Hash line marked roads are indeed private. I am not 100% sure about the corner hopping… I heard the same thing as well so I went deep into their website and found a clear as mud answer… I’ll see if I can attach it

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