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    2021 failures, close calls, and lessons learned

    If you are coming from back east like me elk are farther away than they look... Shot low on a bull that should have been a gimme but missed the range by almost ten yards.
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    Bad Elk Callers in the Woods

    I made some horse shit elk calls in Colorado last week. Called in a couple of decent bulls in an OTC unit with them...
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    300 RSAUM Questions

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with this cartridge. It's hard to find real life input on it!
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    Best hunting videos that don't pimp product?

    Whitetail Adrenaline. You have to buy the DVD but that's because they don't have sponsors... I can't think of anyone else who doesn't have sponsors. Some are a lot better than others about pushing them. Honestly some of the best stuff is when a single brand pays to produce a video and while you...
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    How to hunt every year

    I am able to do this by building points in two states that I can get to in 24 hours and between elk, deer, and antelope pull a modest 3-5 point tag for each in successive years. Don't be afraid of cow/doe tags if you just want to have fun. I pretty much ignore states like Idaho and Nevada due to...
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    The "if you were retired today" thread

    Probably would have worked horses before it got hot. Tinker with taxidermy, livestock, or garden after that. Maybe drive to Alaska for the month of September... Now I have to get back to designing the site for this Fueling Station...
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    300 RSAUM Questions

    If I build a rifle for just about everything why shouldn't I build a 300 RSAUM? I figure I could buy several hundred rounds of a factory load that shot well and with that brass be set for many years on ammo. The rifle would be a custom build, 22" to 24" barrel, hopefully 8 to 8.5 pounds ready to...
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    Ha Ha Ha - Joke!

    Did you know diarrhea is hereditary? It runs the jeans...
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    Can Colorado OTC Elk Last Forever?

    This thread is a perfect example of why we need to be careful about asking non-hunter groups (i.e. hikers, bikers, etc.) to pay their fair share. Nonresidents have a solid leg to stand on in Colorado due to how much money they dump into the system no matter how much the residents complain about...
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    Who shoots no rangefinder?

    I will always range if I have time and don't have anything nearby pre-ranged. That being said I have no issue estimating and taking shots inside 40-45 yards.
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    Can Colorado OTC Elk Last Forever?

    I personally think OTC in some instances is sustainable. In units with lots of private escapement or a similar situation I believe the more hunters you get crammed in there the faster the elk leave the public and you really don't end up killing significantly more elk. If you severely limit these...
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    Taking 5 year old hunting?

    I started taking my kids at two. They scare some critters and you have to be willing to hunt differently (i.e. the goal is to take them and have fun, not shoot the biggest critter out there). We never sit very long and usually end up walking around looking at tracks, etc. My daughter is better...
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    Hells canyon armory

    True. I had my action blueprinted, bolt face trued, and stock work done as well as fitting the new barrel so it was quite a few more hours of work than just a barrel.
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    Hells canyon armory

    I've had custom work done to one rifle but I chose to go through a local gunsmith who came highly recommended. The benefits of going this route was actually being able to go see his shop and talk to him in person prior to agreeing to anything. I paid for the barrel upfront when ordered and the...
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    The 200,000 Mile Debate

    On another note I have friends and family who work in the production of auto parts for new cars and they all agree that they would never by a vehicle made in 2020 or 2021. Their reasoning is that due to the labor and parts/material shortages they have seen a drastic reduction in QA/QC...

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