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    6.5 PRC (Fierce, Springfield, Seekins, Cooper)

    I owned the Springfield Waypoint and never felt it was heavy. Loved the stock and action but the downside for me was a short magazine which prevented reloading longer seated bullets. If you are a reloader this might be an issue. I also agree to take a look at Tikka as they are shooters and...
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    OCW Load Development

    Exactly. I just want to avoid the tiny group trap if its not repeatable or changes wildly due to environmental/ variance in reloading.
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    OCW Load Development

    Sure, I think what I will do is load 3 at 41.6, 41.8, and 42.0 barring any pressure issues. I have a Caldwell chrono that's a pain in the ass but I will try and set that up to record velocity numbers. For reference I am following (sort of) this method here.
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    OCW Load Development

    Going off hodgdon's max listed, but I never hit pressure so there is room to go up. I planned to do seating depth test after picking a charge weight. Basing off others the plan was to find a flat spot and then test .1 or .2 changes in charge weight. around those numbers. Like seating depth I...
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    OCW Load Development

    My understanding is this test checks for impact changes based on charge weight. Being that my groups impact roughly the same area at the lower charges led me to this conclusion. Didn't want the variable with my magneto speed attached so no velocities.
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    OCW Load Development

    Looking to get some opinions on my OCW results. This is the first time trying this method shooting round robin 3 shot groups. Based off my limited knowledge it appears the lower charges seem to be the most forgiving but of course the tightest group is at max load (I know this test is not about...
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    Sold Savage 110 Switchback 6mm ARC Black/Olive Drab Bolt Action Rifle - 22in

    Gun is very accurate shooting sub MOA with Hornady Match 108gr ELDm ammo. Most shooting was single feed but when I loaded the magazine I would experience some feed issues.
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    Sold Christensen Arms Ridgeline Stock- Short Action.

    Selling a Ridgeline stock short action color green. Stock is made for a Remington 700 footprint and the barrel channel is for a carbon fiber/sendero sized barrel. $200 TYD Paypal or Venmo add 3% for goods and services. No trades Thanks
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    Sold Tikka T3x Roughtech 6.5PRC

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