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    Montana archery hunt 2020

    I'm grabbing the gun with hardcast or monolithic bullets. Buffalo bore has some nice monolithic rounds
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    Stocking up on points

    ya I'd say you really need to get out on some hunts in places you can get tags by quota or just buying over the counter to build your western hunting skills, otherwise, a 3-5 point draw in Wyoming really won't do you very good cause you'll just spend tons of time figuring out what works, and a...
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    Backpacking stove wood prep

    Curious if you guys using the lightweight Silky saws have any experience with the small wicked tree gear saw? I have the wicked and it's a huge chore to cut any good amount of firewood. More than sometimes I wonder if dealing with the stove is even worth the time. A lot of times I could just...
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    Hunt Expo draw results

    Looks like they have it password protected right now. Probably confirming with sponsors and stuff whether they drew the "right" people's names, ie: bow company presidents, cross sport outfitters, insta famous amazing hunters....
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    ***Official 2020 Western Hunting Expo thread***

    Does anyone know where the link to the standard $10 discount printout is for this year's show? I can't seem to find it to print out anywhere. In most past years, I've been able to print out the $10 off thing and take with me to the ticket counter at the show.
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    Scouting advice for first time Idaho OTC Archery Hunt

    ya man, think a lot about looking for cow groups
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    What is your favorite hunting dog and why ?

    Nothin like the looks and performance of a quality GSP
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    WTB Looking to buy used Garmin Alpha 100 GPS unit/collar

    Looking for a used Garmin Alpha 100 GPS dog system. Let me know if you have a system you don't use anymore, etc. thanks
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    Lookin for a honey hole

    I've found that people that don't take hunting very seriously in practice but love to talk about hunting like they're diehard are the ones who will take random people to spots you took them to. It's almost as if since they don't view hunting as a big deal, they don't think it's a big deal to...
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    Idaho Cull

    The optics of this are just terrible when you have people trying to hunt elk in areas and zones around the state that have reduced herd sizes, low recruitment, etc. and areas/zones with quite a lot of hunting pressure. Then you just out and out mow down 200 over 2 months? Sure the elk only hit...
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    Anyone applying WY general with 4 or more points?

    Got it! Thanks for the responses! Makes sense how the case is made legally speaking.
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    Anyone applying WY general with 4 or more points?

    Since the discussion is on Non-Residents in Wyoming, I have an honest question that I'm not sure how it works as a younger guy who wasn't necessarily around so much when it was put in place. How can a state like Wyoming limit Non-Residents from accessing and hunting on federally managed...
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    Recommend Sept Elk huntin boot

    I currently run scarp charmoz, the newer outdry version for when it's going to be hot and not a big storm cycle. And run Scarpa Grand Dru for later when there's a lot of rain/snow and crap forecasted. Been happy with both boots here in Idaho; Scarpa warranted my 1 yr old Grand dru's in October...
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    CO Legality ??

    I'm waiting for my "gift"
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    Dumb question about WY preference points

    and then the question is how many of the those 39 less than 2 folks/groups had more than 2 points so that they'll have a touch more than 3 this year?