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    Hunting vs hiking boots

    I put hundreds of miles on my Vasques and two elk trips before they wore out. They fit me great and were excellent for hunting. You won't have a problem with them at all.
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    I shoot Axis w/ HITs and had pretty good luck. Do you shoot the broadhead adapter rings from Easton?
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    WTB Toaks 650mL & BRS Stove

    Looking for either of the above. Let me know what you've got and how much. Thanks!
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    Goretex warranty info

    So they know you aren’t keeping you’re old boots
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    Sold AR15 - Stripped Lower Receiver

    You and half the country!
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    2020 fitness goals

    Monthly Murph - 39:12 2 1/2 min improvement over my May Murph. Felt better too but had a nice cool morning in NC which helped.
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    Grizzly encounters while elk hunting

    Gonna download and listen on my run today
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    DIY Alaska Flyfishing Trip in August

    Do it! You will have a blast! I've DIYed most of those rivers. For rainbows/dollies/grayling you'll want a 5/6 and I'd recommend a bunch of egg beads. I think it will be early for flesh flies. Silvers should be in some of the rivers mid-August. I used an 8wt. Bright/flashy purple/pink flies...
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    Public Land Ethics

    I don't feel bad about reporting, especially if it crosses the unethical poaching line. I've found some great duck spots from slobs leaving piles of empty shells....
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    Whats the deal with gaiters?

    Yikes!!! I wear mine to keep ticks out turkey hunting (sprayed with permethrin before season) & to keep sticks and crap out when elk hunting. Never had to deal with a cobra getting up there but that sounds just awful.
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    Best paper maps

    MyTopo rocks. You can shift the center of the map to your area so you're not stuck with the USGS quads. Can get them printed on water-resistant paper and I believe there is an option to add hunt zone boundary.
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    What’s a luxury item?

    A nice NeoAir pad. Or Thermarest makes a reversible stuff sack that is fuzzy on the inside and makes a great pillow with your spare layer inside
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    Plans changed & would like to hunt elk this year

    Never done it but the UT archery spike tag in the LE units sounds like a ton of fun. It's OTC.
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    Grizzly encounters while elk hunting

    Never ran into one elk hunting but was doing a DIY flyfishing trip in AK a few years ago and had a medium size brown bear wake us up in the tent. I picked up the 870 and chambered a slug quietly. We slept with the tent fly open and I saw him walk by at about 10 yards. Thankfully he didn't want...
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    Flying with your pack

    I've carried on the Exo3500 a few times. I put my optics and other items that I really don't want to lose. Strap everything down and never had an issue carrying on. I suppose some planes you might have to gate check. I'd recommend if you check your pack to put it inside a duffle - you'll...