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    Trying Hard for my once in a lifetime tag.

    Good luck!
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    2021 Montana(Blackfeet Nation) archery permit

    Congrats, that's awesome
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    HELP! Salvaged elk Bozeman, MT need help finding processor

    Yellowstone Processing on Trail Creek is solid.
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    Multiple Pins

    I run a 4 pin slider (20-50 yards).
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    The Road to Brooks Range Dall Sheep!

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    First Archery Buck

    Great Cali Buck! Congrats!
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    6.5 PRC bullet selection

    You probably need a faster twist barrel if you are going to shoot heavier than the 124 grain hammer hunter in a 6.5. Check hammer's website for each bullet to ensure your barrel will stabilize the bullet.
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    Sevr TI 2.0 or 1.5 for elk?

    Another vote for the Sevr 1.5" head here
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    AZ Dove hunting

    Yuma is probably the best dove hunting in the US so probably worth a trip over there
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    Sold Kuiu Verde Attack Pant Size 30

    34” inseam but sorry, just sold them
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    Sold Kuiu Verde Attack Pant Size 30

    Kuiu Attack Pant in Verde size 30. Have been used a few times so there are some small pulls and scuffs in the lower legs and knees. No holes or anything that impacts the functional usage of these pants. Asking $80 shipped.
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    Kifaru, kuiu or exo?

    I love my Kifaru
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    A 26" all around bbl

    I believe the most important thing with shotguns is feel and how they swing for you. I'd try to pick-up both to compare the options. If a 26" feels better, go for it. 28" barrels tend to just swing better for me personally.