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    WTS Garmin 66i LNIB 2-Way Satelite GPS

    Pm sent. I’ll take if still available.
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    Little things needed for September Colorado elk

    Are you packing in a ways, or camping by your vehicle?
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    FNG from California

    Welcome, nothing better than FishTacos!
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    FNG from Arkansas

    Welcome to Rokslide, some good info and good people.
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    FNG from central Florida

    Welcome to the Rok. Glad you joined us.
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    This Nightforce C553 is SFP, Second Focal Plane.
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    WTS Swarovski CL 10x30

    According to the Serial Number K81xxxxx add 30 makes them 2011's!
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    Choosing A bullet?

    Try a few different bullets, they can make a difference in accuracy.
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    What type of gear do you have way too much of..and don't care?

    Knives, sleeping bags, shelters, boot, optics's and guns (really can't ever have enough guns), I mostly bow hunt but only have one bow...strange how that can happen.
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    Bought my last Hunting/Fishing License today....

    It's nice they give young Pups lifetime licenses!!!!!
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    Would a side arm be necessary? Also what caliber?

    Does Colorado have a maximum bullet clip law?
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    FNG from WI

    Glad to have another Cheesehead.
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    Solo travel across country

    If you want to hunt, try it and see how it goes. I don't think I'd like to fly out to hunt because I like to have a lot of crap with me and don't like schedules. Even if it doesn't workout as well as you's better than working or sitting at home wishing you were hunting!
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    Best Concert/Show Experience?

    I must be really out of nowadays. I've never heard of Tool until this thread. Were they in the 60's.😁
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    BNIB Black Eagle Rampage, .350 spine, .003 straightness (12)

    Now THAT is a long shot. LOL, Good luck.