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    FOC thoughts please!

    I'm shooting over 20% FOC just to get to 500gr with my RIP TKO's, they need just as much fletching as my lower FOC arrows have in the past and don't fly any better at a longer distances. The best flying arrows I've ever built were 4mm, A/C Injexions that were on the very bottom end of my spine...
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    Place to get eyes on a bunch of scored antelope...

    I think the people saying to not worry about scores are probably more realistic. Hopefully, you get an Antelope but holding out for a certain one will limit your success. I'm not sure what tag you have in WY but to find a big goat can be a challenge. I just got back for Nevada from a...
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    Nevada Antelope Advice Needed

    Had an awesome Nevada Archery Antelope hunt with my son! Blew several stalks the first day and found a nice remote waterhole that was being used a lot. We ended up setting up a blind in the willows and sitting in the blind about 1.5hrs. My first animal from a stand of any sort. The buck was...
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    WTS/WTT Seller's not wanting buyer's to use Regular PayPal

    I understand and agree to some extent. However PayPal will send a W9 if you sell over $600 and then you have to count that as income. Obviously you can itemize it if you sell enough and show a loss but it does make selling random hunting gear less attractive since with the new standard deduction...
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    Faster shot cycle.

    I do both, typically in hunting situations I try to focus on a steady slow shot, I'm more accurate, and the way your mind works always centering the pin on the target your odds of hitting the spot are increased by shooting with a surprise release. I also shoot trad and am not a snap shooter...
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    Meat Transportation

    I will be using dry ice in my yeti on our antelope hunts in early August, I have always used regular ice but hate wet meat, especially dirty wet meat from bloody, dirt-covered game bags. I will kill the antelope, and quarter into game bags doing my best to be meticulous about keeping the meat...
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    Average shot distance for elk

    I like the way you put that, shows a realistic view of hunting. This is what it looks like for me since starting archery hunting in 2011; 57 Double Lung, Dead Bull 35 Superficial (steep downhill, hit way high) 14 Double Lung, Dead Bull 18 Shoulder Joint (no blood) (40 Miss low 60 Miss low 3...
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    Idaho unit 55 advice

    P.M. Sent
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    Tight Spot guys / 2 piece quiver options?

    I've been shooting a tight spot since they came out in like 2011, I now have a newer one and my son has my old one. I've gone from regular size arrows to 4mm to 5mm with the same quiver and have never had an arrow fall out. I've literally drug that quivers hundreds of miles through the brush...
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    snake boots?

    Has anyone on this thread ever been struck and feel like their gaiters or snake boots saved them? I use to wear snake gaiters, turtle skins, good leather boots with good regular gaiters. Lately I’ve just left them and wear boots, sometime tennis shoes depending on location. One spot we have to...
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    Arrow build question: 340 spine or 300 spine?

    I would do 340's if it were me, 300's will be on the stiff side and like you mentioned heavier. I'm shooting 73lbs, 28" Draw with 300's and have 100gr inserts, 25gr collars and 100gr heads, I also have lightweight fletchings. I agree with the above about using a shorter arrow. I'm shooting a...
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    Arrow weight

    Placement is key, shoot what flys well, I used to shoot light 4mm arrows for elk, 390-420gr at about 315fps. The only fixed heads I could get to fly well out to 80 yards were solid legend and kudu 100’s, the solids flew better. These worked excellent on deer and elk, Oregon switched to allow...
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    Tuning question

    You can get a little draw length by shortening your cables, you will also gain a little weight if your OK with that. I'm similar and needed to shoot just over 28". I actually shot 27 3/4" on my last bow but it was a 33"ATA bow, with the RX4 I needed to be right at 28 1/8" plus a small nose...
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    Tuning question

    Your welcome, I run my arrow in the left hand or rest side of my cam. The back is not square on the regular RX4. I would say I have about 1/8” or less lean from the cam to the center of the loop. If you have as much lean as it looks like in that picture it would explain the nock right. You will...
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    Do you carry a backup release?

    Yes, I carry a spare in my pack just in case, I didn't carry a spare when I use to use a wrist strap but do with my hand held.