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    Iron Will Broadhead Giveaway!

    V125's would be great! I'd love to try them
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    Iron Will Broadhead Giveaway!

    V series 125s would be great!
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    Anyone else removing arrow labels?

    I actually never even thought of doing this, maybe I'll give it a go and see how it looks. Tyeguy very curious as to how you tested and what the results look liked that seems wild to me but anything is possible and I'd be interested to hear about it
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    Drop Away Rest. QAD vs. HAMSKEA

    Lots of threads on it but limb driven is easier to repair in the field. At least that's my feeling
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    The "Fenris"...a semi auto Bow

    That is wild
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    Adjustable Sight for Wife (Black Gold)

    In that case if she plans on shooting further I'd just go with third axis, can't hurt to have
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    Switching from Mechanical Back to Fixed Blades

    Can't go wrong with the stingers that's a great head
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    Adjustable Sight for Wife (Black Gold)

    In that case I think you'd be ok without the 3rd axis but that's just me so other more experienced guys might have another opinion
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    Adjustable Sight for Wife (Black Gold)

    What is her max range of shooting? I don't think I'd worry about third axis too much if you are keeping shots 30 and under, not sure of the exact effect but my wife shoots similar measurements out to 45 without a third axis and has no trouble shooting 3D on inclines and declines
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    Switching from Mechanical Back to Fixed Blades

    I think Idaho is fixed blades only no expandable
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    Switching from Mechanical Back to Fixed Blades

    I think you'll find a lot of guys on here that will say if your bow is in tune then any fixed broadheads flies well out to 60-80 before you see drag take a noticable effect. I've heard great things about iron wills and I personally shoot slick trick standards out 80 plus with my field points. If...
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    Tuning question with a new rest & poundage

    Hi Sniff, I second Zacs response about tuning to center shot and timing (Although I like tuning timing to how I like it not how the shop says it should be). Another question, what type of bow do you have? If it's a bowtech don't go playing with the rest it should stay at centershot at least...
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    Opinions Salomon Quest 4d Gtx?

    If you search around on the site I think there was a review on them last year or the year before. They are a good boot but you may have to replace them often and treat them with waterproofing
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    I'd go down to 300, most people are going to give you the line which we've seen lots of times on here, "Better to be over spined than under"
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    Lowering draw weight?

    I agree with everyone else above if you are going to drop it drop it to 60 I don't think you'd notice much of a difference (strength wise) when going from 68.5 to 65. My normal hunting bow is 67.5 but my backup is 60 and I've got to say when I shoot it it makes me think I should just go to 60.