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    Solomon Quest 4D GTX for Colorado Elk

    I second this as well. I often waterproof mine in advance as well. Buy from REI and you can return them if you have issues
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    Spine help

    I just took a look at their spine chart and for the specs you are saying I'd rather go with the 250 spine. I think it would be better to be a bit overspinned. This is just one of those things that everyone has a different opinion on you really just have to shoot some arrows and see what...
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    Help me pick a optics setup for Whitetail?

    I think all you really need is 10x42. anything bigger is a lot of glass to carry in the whitetails woods (Unless in AZ or NM chasing Coues then go big)
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    Tuning Simmons Sharks

    I agree with everything Beendare said, just wanted to add my two cents as far as BH tuning goes. Beendare mentioned bare shaft tuning first and I find that once I'm bareshaft tuned at 20 yards 30 max I'm good to go. I feel a lot of people neglect form issues as well but they are a major factor...
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    Puffy not as a shell

    I agree with this however I got a sikta kelvin lite at an end of season sale really cheap and I love it. I use it as both a mid layer and as an outer layer when I'm sitting down to glass. I'm a big fan I think a good puffy is worth it. Check out some hiking forums you may get good advice
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    The great Western traverse

    this sounds amazing please keep us informed on your travels I know myself and other members would love to hear about it!
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    Zero blood... you can’t predict how they’ll bleed

    What a great old buck helped my buddy find a buck on Sunday who had the same experience hit one with a slug and there was zero blood I took a guess and walked a rub line and found him about 75 to 100 yards away in a little thick stuff
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    2019 MT

    That cactus buck is wild that's a total bummer that they can't save it
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    Central Kentucky Buck

    Great buck still looking to connect with my bow here in NY! Had bucks running does all over Saturday but none came in range and then Sunday the same spot was dead.
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    NM Elk

    Awesome Elk and Oryx! I'd like to take my wife to take and elk one day but being a teacher and living in NY doesn't exactly make that easy other than early season
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    My Dream: the Seed, Planning, and now Preparing for a Sheep Hunt... A Story and Documentation

    congrats sheep hunting is a dream of mine hopefully I can get out and make it happen just like you
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    Coues for the wife and I

    Fantastic bucks I have to make it out there one day to chase those guys
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    New from PA

    Welcome aboard! Start getting points for them ASAP they will be able to draw some great units!
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    The ‘06 Spoke

    That's one heck of a buck! One you took down looks great too
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    Checking in and wishing the best

    I've been MIA from Rokslide the past few weeks between work, working on the house (new home owner for the past few months), and enjoying my new boat (got a killer deal on a used malibu ski boat and couldn't refuse). Married, a house, and boat all in one year way to many things but all good...