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    Help me spend my money! Kimber vs Christensen

    I agree, these are tough decisions and only the OP can make them.
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    Kimber Camp Guard 10mm issues. Anyone else?

    Magazines and extractor tension is usually where to start with 1911’s. Extractor tension is easy to check and adjust yourself. There’s probably a YouTube video on it from someone you already know like Wilson Combat and many others. Do you want flush mags? I would personally go ahead and buy...
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    David Tubb Final Finish Firelapping Bullets?

    I’m assuming you’ve inspected the crown with a magnifying glass? I bet those bullets will help it but I’d be surprised to see a group improvement of 33.33%
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    Sierra Gamekings

    Same here, plenty of 150’s and 165’s out of a .308. Nothing but stellar performance on deer.
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    S&W M&P 10MM

    Ever thought about a chest holster like the Kenai? I’ve tried leg holsters and never could get used to the straps.
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    Good Gas Mileage Hunting Vehicle

    Don’t most people use 10%-20% of battery capacity per day?
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    The Glock 20 is ugly & now pointless 😁

    Nice Delta Elite. I don’t know why but I just like the Colts.
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    The Glock 20 is ugly & now pointless 😁

    I’ve got several buddies who compete with 1911’s and we’re at about 50% pinned vs unpinned. Personally, I’d shot thousands of rounds through .45 and 10mm 1911’s with no issues when I decided to give it a go in USPSA Single Stack and bought a $300 rig and new 9mm 1911. I spent a couple months...
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    Rifle scopes you'd love to see Form test

    Thanks BjornF16 and sndmn11, Explanations like that is why I’m here. It makes perfect sense with your explanations.
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    Rifle scopes you'd love to see Form test

    Would you ever do that? Any shot over point and shoot would be done at 10 power for me. Everyone’s eyes are different but some ffp scopes are barely usable at 6 power if you require easy visibility of the hash marks to say it’s usable.
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    The Glock 20 is ugly & now pointless 😁

    That’s when it happens. Imperfect grip when you really want it to go bang now. I could easily see how you could have an imperfect grip if you need to use a pistol for self defense. There is a reason why most grip safeties are disabled in competition pistols.
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    Rifle scopes you'd love to see Form test

    That is the direction I went. 10x is enough for any hunting that I’d do and I’d be at 10 power anyway if I need to use holdovers or windage.
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    Scope Field Eval Explanation and Standards

    I’m wondering if certain “manufacturers” hired someone to “take care of the problem”. Let’s hope Form’s actual ID is not easy to find.
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    Scope Field Eval Explanation and Standards

    He’s got more work to do.
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    Side arm for bear protection….?

    Solid suggestion. This is one area where the G20 beats the G40.