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    Sold Magnus stinger 4 blade 125g

    6 magnus stinger 4 blade broadheads. 125g. $40 pff
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    Bino Harness for Archery

    The pros and cons I’ve seen from using the RYO Harness the last year. Pros: Light. Basically no noise. Easy to use. One hand operation if no eye covers. Stays up against my chest like it says. Multiple carrying configurations. It just flat out works. I don’t carry things I don’t need. $20...
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    IN-RUT Rifles Out On A Limb MFG (Treestands & Climbing Sticks) Hammock Gear
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    OOAL Saddle Hunting Platforms

    They've got this sale going on again including their climbing sticks this time.
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    Passed On.
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    Anyone who wants to read “Becoming a Backpack Hunter” by Josh Kirchner DM me and you can have my copy. I only ask that you do the same when your done.
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    What’s the best Custom Hunting Action?

    Defiance Rebels get my vote!
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    Enwild 20% Off

    they’ve always got deals. Fast shipping to.
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    What's a Good Mobile Tree Stand Setup?

    A bit spendy, but the Out On A Limb Shikar sticks are light, 1.5 pounds, pack small, have great bite and you can make them how you want (1 or 2 steps top and bottom & choose 3 lengths). just another lightweight option to look at.
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    Sharp Tailed Grouse

    Love the sandhills. Been going to Nebraska every year for the last 10 years for grouse. I've seen them in fresh cut hay fields and all throughout the sandhills. Can honestly say i've never thought of a specific cover as sharpy cover because I've seen them in everything every year. One of those...
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    OOAL Saddle Hunting Platforms

    Just getting into it, so not a ton of insight. Figured I would try it out this year during the early elk season. More comfortable than you think though. I also prefer to stand than sit.
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    OOAL Saddle Hunting Platforms

    For those of you saddle hunters, Out On A Limb is running a 15% off sale: