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  • A friend of mine just ordered a complete gunwerks package in PRC and they recommended a medium length action to seat bullets longer. 1:7.5 twist. My barrel is 24 inch 1:8 and it shoots great. I almost went 22 and it would have been fine.This is not a fad cartridge.
    With a salmi freebore of .188, a 147 match from hornday is right at factory length to use in a short action.
    With Reloader 26 I am real close to 3100 fps with the 150 grain smk and have killed two deer with it.
    This beats up, velocity wise, some of the other calibers mentioned but those guys will defend their favorites.
    I think you are going about it the right way.
    Mine is a long action tikka with long action bottom metal. I run a 338 Lapua box magazine for straight on smooth feeding.
    At the moment I am shooting 150 grain SMK bullets longer than factory specs but that is why I put the gun together in the first place.I had planned on the Berger 156 but so far there is no commercial release.
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