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    Tikka bell and Carlson medalist

    Picked up a b&c for one of my T3x rifles. Upon installation it seems the front of stock is not floated and has upward pressure. Has anyone else installed this stock and if so was it floated?
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    Should I free float my Tikka T3 Barrel?

    Does anyone have an after picture of floating the stock? before I start the dremel up would be nice to see how much material others removed.
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    Sportsmatch Rings and a Tikka T3x

    I did degrease and was shocked at what came off.
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    Sportsmatch Rings and a Tikka T3x

    Bump on this thread. Just wondering if anybody has gone up to 30 in/lbs on sportsmatch rings? I mounted a set last night and stopped at 22. Even that seemed to high. Also wondering if anyone can explain why these rings are often recommended over a rail/ring combo?
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    Talley Rings???

    Is the cheek weld still ok with the sportsmatch on the factory stock? Or is it a bit high? Their website indicates the medium takes up to 50mm objectives is why I ask.
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    Down Jacket <$200

    If I'm not mistaken the fill rate does not let you know how much down is actually in th jacket just the size of feathers. I think a 650 fill rate is fine as long as you have enough insulation.
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    Best backpacking belt

    whats your go to backpacking belt and why do you like it?
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    Light and small or heavy and far for sheep.

    If your going solo I would be looking at something like a 10-30 X 50 for weight. If with a partner than you can divide the weight up or weight is not a concern to you definitely something up in the 60X range is warranted. The caveat for high power spotters for me is the glass needs to be good...
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    6.5 CM Chambering Issues - Factory Ammo

    I am fairly certain this is not an issue with the chamber specs. All the factory Hornady rounds I have fired chambered without any issue. The chambering issue I experienced came out of 1 box of Federal ammo where all rounds in box would not chamber. Federal ending up sending me a refund for the...
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    6.5 CM Chambering Issues - Factory Ammo

    I purchased a box of factory ammo that would not chamber in 6.5CM. This guy seems to reference a bunch of stuff that only reloaders would understand. What I gather from it is there are some issues with the brass manufacturing in this chambering. Here is my question for those that have some...
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    Upgrade to Monarch 7?

    Have used Nikon Monarch 7's for a few seasons and have found myself longing for better quality glass. Don't have budget for swaros so wondering what the RS community can recommend for upgrades?
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    All around rifle for female hunter

    Don't really see the need to differntiate sex here. Pick the platform of rifle then mull over caliber. That should largely depend on her prefernces in action, trigger and safety type. A heavy rifle or lighter setup with a brake may be options your looking at. Depends on the type of hunting you...
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    Advice and guidance: 1 rifle and caliber

    Not sure if it has already been mentioned but a tikka compact in 308 may punch your ticket. Not sure on your rationale for short action but saving 2 inches off the barrel will certainly help out with handiness. You won't notice the 1/2 inch from the short action.
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    Tikka Accuracy Issues

    Never did figure it out for certain but my gunsmith said likely a bad barrel. The $ I was spending on it just was not worth the hassle and I sold the rifle. I did not bother with trying to get an exchange from tikka either, but I have heard of guys getting new rifles back. Was leery about buying...
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    Flat lands to Alaska POI change....

    Rule of thumb is 1 MOA per 5000 ft higher, but air temperature usually drops at elevation and can help cancel that increase out.