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    Flat lands to Alaska POI change....

    Rule of thumb is 1 MOA per 5000 ft higher, but air temperature usually drops at elevation and can help cancel that increase out.
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    MSR Hubba Hubba NX vs Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 2

    Had the huh nx for 3 seasons and works great in all weather conditions. Enough space for two larger guys as well. Good ventilation and easy setup.
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    Bear bags in sheep country

    Definitely keep everything away from camp and strung up or in a bear safe food cache. Just got back from a bighorn hunt and ran into 4 grizz where we have never seen them before. They came up to 7000 ft.
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    Sheep rifle attributes?

    Thank rfurman24. I guess I am just a little confused after reviewing the thread. You state that you are already familiar with exactly what you want form a rifle, so not sure what you are trying to elicit from other forum members. To be clear I am not trying to stir the pot or make myself a...
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    Sheep rifle attributes?

    What is the point of this thread?
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    Show me your sheep rig

    Lots to like there.
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    Tikka caliber?

    From what you described the 308 is what I would go with. I'm guessing your familiar with the ballistics of the 165 gr already. Cutting down the barrel to 20 in won't net as much velocity loss and the muzzle blast will not be as ignorant. You could get the barrel threaded at the same time as well...
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    Who bivies in the rain?

    Thanks Trout
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    Who bivies in the rain?

    The minimalist in me needs you to post the setup details.
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    Opinions on a 20" barrel 308 for western hunting rifle?

    This guy put a lot of effort into answering that question.
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    2019 sheep hunt gear list....hows it look?

    Don't listen to those that say dump the water filter if your not comfortable. I know folks who have got dysteria and it is not pleasant. For sure you can get a lesser weight filter and other items. Also Immodium is invaluable if you get the runs and weighs nothing. One of my partners spent half...
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    Looking for an Alberta Sheep hunting partner

    Sheep hunting is a hard thing to get into and props for reaching out to the community. Sheep spots are fiercely protected by most hunters and it is very unlikely that your average guy is going to just drop you into his spot. If you don't have experience living off your back, are out of shape or...
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    Favorite baselayers?

    For sure. My comment was in context of wearing long johns as the only layer.
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    Favorite baselayers?

    I don't understand the manufacture of camo base layers. I go icebreaker merino in a light and heavy weight depending on season. Just my opinion but merino is way better for smell over a hunt. Not for animals but yourself and tent mate.
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    Show me your sheep rig

    Beauty! Although a downgrade in optics I think since this rifle rightfully sits in you kitchen space you should consider swapping to this COBRA system.