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    As a long time lurker, you should know how valuable this site is and what a wealth of information is has to offer. Long time lurkers and active members should all be donating to the Rok once and a while. Instead of constantly coming on here and taking in info for free, and using the classifieds...
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    .....that’s quite the list! U got any colt snakes needing a new home as well?? 😁
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    Lever action

    If anyone has a Winchester 1895 in 30-06 that they want to move, let me know
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    Fulcrum vs Ma deuce

    Jordan, it’s hard to tell from your pics, but are u just running your pistol in a kydex sheath tucked in behind your belt pouch?
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    Cooper Model 92 (52) Backcountry Magazine Issue

    I had an issue with a spare mag I purchased for my 92. I emailed and didn’t hear anything as soon as I wanted. I called, and I immediately was taken care of. They took great care of me. Maybe I mis read, but have you actually attempted to call them during business hours?
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    WTS Sako Finnlight 2 300 WSM New in Box

    Free bump for a great seller. Great deal on a nice rifle here
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    WTS/WTT Winchester model 64 30-30 (i think late 1930s)

    Free bump for a sweet rifle
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    WTB Glock 20 FDE

    Found one, thanks
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    WTB Glock 20 FDE

    Long shot, but does anyone have a Glock 20 in FDE they’re looking to part with? Thanks
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    Who is seeing military presence in their area?

    Can someone define “Lockdown”.....
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    Youtube hunting/fishing Shows

    Can’t wait to see the rest of “breaking even”. Exceptional work!
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    AR optics

    I like the Burris 536 for all things on my rifle. For me, where my shots at coyotes rarely exceed 300 yards; it’s the perfect “do all” AR scope.
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    CoronaVirus & The Gym?

    If you have a treadmill and a pull up bar, give the “Murph” a go at home 2-3 times a week. I’ve found it to be a pretty good gauge of overall fitness and a way to maintain
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    Face paint? What are you using?

    Carry a sharpie in my pocket......