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    8 man or 12 man tipi....for two

    Have you thought at all about the redcliff? That’s one of my favorite shelters they offer in this size range. Though not as big as the 12 man I would think it may have more “useable” space than a 8 man. Worth looking into.
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    What 2-3 calibers would you pick?

    My choices- 223/5.56 (though my 243 works here too) 280ai (also have a 270wsm) 300 win mag At least this is what I have done to try and cover all of these options for me.
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    Anybody Using Insulated Booties At Night?

    @DosPerros - I usually am wearing a fresh pair of my merino wool socks. I try to change out socks every night and morning. Socks is one place I don’t care about weight. So I carry 3 pair and do a rotation allowing either a night or day for drying. If that makes sense. So one on me, and 2 in my pack.
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    Anybody Using Insulated Booties At Night?

    I have some EE booties and love them. Never worry about my feet sweating but I get cold very easily, especially my feet. Overall I’m happy with them in my WM Badger even on average cold nights.
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    ***Official 2020 Western Hunting Expo thread***

    I agree that there are some well known outfitters there (aka Lemon), but it would seem the vast majority are guys I’ve never heard of. And after walking the expo for 2 days now (first time attendee) I was surprised by how many outfitters are there. It almost felt like every other booth was an...
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    ***Official 2020 Western Hunting Expo thread***

    I have a question about all the outfitters that you see at these shows. Do they come to the show to drum up business because they aren’t good outfitters, because they are new, or because they feel at a show they can ask more money and get it? The reason I ask, is that I want to do a Dall sheep...
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    Twist-Locks vs Flip-Locks

    That’s pretty much how I do it. Just not as easy to do as with the flip locks. And sometimes I’m unlocking the wrong section or trying to lock it, if that makes sense. It’s just easier to see which sections are unlocked or locked with flip locks. Just more convenient in that regard.
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    KUIU Superdown vs. Western Mountaineering Badger, 15-degree bags

    Like you Robby, I sleep super cold and have a hard time staying warm. I have to often look more at the T “comfort” level rather than T “l limit” when I’m looking for a bag with an adequate rating FOR ME. Because of this I treat the WM Badger as a 20-25 degree bag as per their website, though...
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    Twist-Locks vs Flip-Locks

    I would say from my experience that flip locks are generally faster to set up and easier to find tune heights. But I personally think they feel a little flimsy and for that reason I like the twist locks. I also prefer the twist for putting in my pack. They don’t seem to get stuck on as much. I...
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    ***Official 2020 Western Hunting Expo thread***

    Thanks for the info. I’ve now wasted my evening reading through those threads. It definitely presents some information that I was unaware of regarding this expo. Maybe I’ll be one of those lucky ones that draws not only 1, but maybe 2 or 3 or 4 or even 5 LE tags like the one person 😳. Anyway, I...
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    ***Official 2020 Western Hunting Expo thread***

    I am planning on going to the expo for my first time and take my dad. I have gear I want to see and he just wants to see some of the amazing animals. I also wanted to put in for some hunts. But a question, what is this corruption that is talked about? Am I wasting my money putting in? Or is...
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    Deciding which high class glass to go with?!??

    For me this decision came down to how much I am going to use the different binos/glass. I was in a similar situation. I do mainly backpack hunting and take my 10x42s and a spotter everytime. But I take my big binos on only certain hunts. Since I use my 10x42 binos the vast majority of the time...
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    3 point muledeer genetics

    We are very similar to wytx on our family ranch in Utah (8,000 acres). We’ve been culling for years as well, but we’ve actually started to see a difference. Part of this process though is that we only shoot one “trophy” buck each year. Hopefully allowing the other trophy bucks to spread their...
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    Leupold VX-5 HD Tracking (Opinions on Huskemaw?)

    This is more out of curiosity than anything else, but are these failures happening on guns with higher recoil? Or are they failing on all guns regardless of recoil? When I’ve looked into this, often the tracking seems to fail after taking a good pounding from the bigger magnum guns. Just curious...
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    Bullet choice for moose/brown bear in 300 mag

    I’m not an Alaska resident nor have I been there enough to consider myself an expert, BUT I have had fantastic results from the 200gr AccuBond as well. I shot my last moose with 212 Eld-x and got the infamous grenade result. So I went back to the AccuBond like I had done before. I actually just...