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    15 or 18 power binos?

    I guess I’m under a different mentality than most on this question. If you are buying them specifically for a “high country mule deer hunt”, I would assume you are hiking in. I personally would be leaving the money/15s and their weight at home. I would be taking a good pair of 10x or 12x on a...
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    X3. SXL is the way to go.
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    Rotating Collar

    I’m glad to hear the 883 has a rotating collar. I just can never reply ever find a ton of info on that spotter. I wish Kowa did a better job with marketing and really let people see how great of a product they have. I have their little 553 and because I like it so much I want to get the biggest...
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    Rotating Collar

    For those with angled spotting scopes, how often do you use your rotating collar? When do you seem to use it the most? I’m looking hard at the Kowa 883, but it doesn’t appear to have a rotating collar (please correct me if I’m wrong as I haven’t ever actually used one). Trying to decide if this...
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    WTB Kowa 883 Anniversary Edition

    Looking to see if anybody would be interested in parting with an anniversary edition Kowa 883. It’s the all black version with the black cordura cover for it. Thanks!!
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    Kowa 553

    Wowza. That’s a good price!
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    Kifaru Belt on Stone Glacier

    Has anybody been able to figure out a way to mount a kifaru belt onto a stone glacier pack? I would really love to figure out a way to try the kifaru lumbar pad specifically. Any thoughts or anybody done it?
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    KUIU 2 Man Tent

    Just a quick update from my perspective on this tent. Finally took the time to set it up after buying it on sale a little bit ago. I personally did not like it, and here’s why. I don’t like the big c clamps that are used around the pole junctions. I can only imagine how hard they would be to...
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    Hilleberg Yellow Label

    Do the yellow labels have the same wind tolerating characteristics as the black and red labels? Wind and rain are a much higher concern for me on my hunts than the snow load.
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    What I find interesting about this unit is that there are actually not that many atv/utv trails (in my opinion) that are marked on the forest service trail map guide. BUT when you look on google earth you can see tons of trails that Aren’t showing up as any “legal” trail. Very frustrating for...
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    Hilleberg Yellow Label

    Has anyone taken a hilleberg yellow label to Alaska and lived to tell the tale? I read a lot about the red label and black label going there and being fine, but I was looking for something a little lighter in weight so turned to the yellow label as they are lighter. People often say a yellow...
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    Thoughts on Hilleberg Niak for AK

    Would love to hear more on this subject as I’m in the same position. Looking for a good tent to take to Kodiak and was wondering if the “3 season” hille would be enough.
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    Renfros past hunting trips

    He was right at the 60” mark. He was an old bull likely in regression. We actually found his sheds from probably 1-2 years before and he was bigger then. But I was still ecstatic about him. Exactly what I wanted. Big palms and lots of character. He had been shot at before that season. He had a...
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    Renfros past hunting trips

    This is the bull we shot with them. A couple of tips that I would give. - Take a hot tent. Being able to dry out at the end of the day is well worth it. - Take a lightweight cot. You’ll spend a fair amount of time in the tent and that makes sleeping much better. Also take a lightweight chair...
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    SO Redcliff with Bear Paw Pyranet 3 Nest

    I had bear paw build me a nest that fills entire Redcliff. I’ve been happy with his work. That way I can take my whole family in the middle of the summer and have a big proof option. Been very pleased with it so far. Can sleep 2 adults and 4 kids in there quite comfortably. Just don’t have our...