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    WTB Mystery Ranch Metcalf

    Bump still open to offers will to look at a comparable pack for size.
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    WTB Mystery Ranch Metcalf

    Looking for a Mystery Ranch Pack in a Large size. Looking to go on a backpack elk hunt and need to upgrade pack size.
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    2020 Montana Deer

    wow that is an awesome buck well done!
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    2020 SD Whitetail Story

    Sounds like a fun hunt was had congrats!
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    My Largest Ever and First Buck in Wisco

    that is a good buck well done!
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    Got the job done

    Sweet Buck!
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    2020 mule deer

    Looks like it was a great hunt!
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    "The Shed" A Microfilm about Mule Deer

    Sweet Video thanks for the share!
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    Backpack Recommendation for 4-5 day Hunts

    This will be my first time going on a backpack hunt so right now i am relying on some gear list from some of my favorite hunters to watch and also some experience from the group i am going with since this will be their 3rd straight year going. Ya i wished used prices were better but 30-40%...
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    Backpack Recommendation for 4-5 day Hunts

    I am looking to go on my first backpack hunt which will be a Archery Elk Hunt Late September in Montana. We are planning a 10 day trip and thinking we will be hitting 2-3 spots so pack would need to carry 4-5 days worth of food, camp and gear. Currently I have a Mystery Ranch Pintler that is a...
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    Price check on Mystery Ranch Metcalf

    North Dakota
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    Price check on Mystery Ranch Metcalf

    @Scopebite65 where are you located i might be interested in buying your pack depending on the frame size.