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    Cactus Resistant Pants?

    Having grown up hunting cactus flats in Texas, IDK if there is a pant besides leather chaps that will stop mesquite and cactus thorns. Snake boots are great for beating down cactus and brush. Haven't hunted Bahia Grande but hunted Laguna Atascosa; expect to get poked if you're brush busting.
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    Montana Rut

    Got back yesterday from SW Montana and we killed a high 120s buck-- all the locals said it was one of the better of the season for the area which left us disappointed in the potential for finding a 'big' deer the rest of our hunt (which turned out to be the case).
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    Sous Vide

    Another consideration is an instapot with the sous vide function. I love our instapot as it does sous vide, pressure cooker, slow cooker, sauté, and several other modes.
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    Post hunt etiquette: Splitting/sharing meat

    Was in the same boat this season in regards to 4 antelope tags and only one harvest; our buddy is giving each of us some backstrap steaks and a roast; for the size of a pronghorn-I'm grateful.
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    Lightest stock for a Defiance XM action???

    Not as light as the Proof stock, but AG Composite has some semi-close options: Privateer (25 oz) Sportsman (27 oz) Carbon All Terrain (27 oz)
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    Print ID

    Looks like a cat to me. With a coyote/dog/wolf, you can draw an 'x' through the pad/toes without touching anything. Also looks like it has 3 lobes on the bottom which is also indicative of a cat.
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    Show your 5x5’s

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    Flying with MR Metcalf pack?

    Have had a buddy carry a fully packed MR Metcalf on the last two hunting trips we've flown to with no issues (Southwest Airline). Hot tip- carry it down the aisle (don't wear it) to avoid smacking into everybody already sitting down
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    Wild Game Recipes

    Negative, solely for presentation. Some may say the meat contracts differently because it’s still on the bone.
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    Wild Game Recipes

    Thank you, Hardcore Carnivore-Black makes an amazing ‘crust’ on any steaks.
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    Wild Game Recipes

    Venison Thai larb Kabobs Whitetail tomahawk
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    Wild Game Recipes

    I treat wild game as if it’s like any other meat. Some cuts are better slow cooked, others fast and rare. Stuffed bell peppers, venison Parmesan, Thai larb with venison, beef (venison) Mongolian, Turkey pot pie. An easy recipe: Cajun Pork/Venison Roast over Rice Season 2lbs Pork/Venison...
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    Hatch bipod vs spartan

    Another perk of going the Spartan route is that you can also get the Spartan tripod head and have an additional option. My rifle, spotter, and binos can now all mount on the same tripod with out changing any parts/adapters.
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    How long did it take you to get your first archery animal?

    First weekend archery hunting I was 14 yrs old hunting the opener behind my house. Shot 2 bucks and a doe on Friday-Sunday. Parents let me skip school Monday to find the second buck.
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    Best Vacuum Sealer

    I have the Weston Pro 1100 and have been very impressed, coming from a FoodSaver-- it's light years ahead in quality. It's ready to vacuum and reseal with little to no 'cool-down' time needed. The 1100 can only do 11" bags, 2100 would do 15" bags. I like being able to 'pulse vacuum' as well...