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    Empty pack weights

    To the OP. Please call ahead before you visit Bozeman. I stopped by in the pre-Covid days, and visited Mystery Ranch. They don't (didn't) have a showroom open to the public, and sent me to a shop in town that carries all of their gear (they have a relationship with the shop, and that place is...
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    Some things I learned on my first moose hunting trip:

    Nice report!
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    Whats the Oldest Goat you have seen/harvested/heard of?

    Fascinating story. Eastern Oregon means Wallowa area?
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    Opening day!

    Wow. Makes a guy want to move somewhere where there are whitetails!
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    2021 Rockslide spring bear hunt?

    Don't know about Montana or Idaho, but in Washington the state department of transportation has a website that shows all traffic cameras throughout the state. It is easy to see snow levels along the mountain passes, etc. Just bookmark those websites. For example...
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    Wasshington High Buck hunt?

    Jason, there are maybe thousands of square miles of wilderness area open to the High Buck. You really have to choose one and try to get to know it well. E-scouting is great (I do that as well), but there is no substitute for on-the-ground experience. Good on you for trying to stay in shape...
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    Blacktail Wa?

    Just in case you guys don't know, Sundance is a Wizard. He can turn a regular blacktail into a monster. I have seen this happen too many times.
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    WTB: Safari branded bow sling (compound bow)

    I had the opportunity to test drive my partner's Safari bow sling last week, and I really liked it! I searched the Internet, and could not find a retailer with inventory. I also called the manufacturer (Boonie Packer Products, Salem, Oregon), and learned they stopped making this product years...
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    WA black bear after september?

    Holy Cow! That is fascinating. That is amazing: A bear could move through the rugged Cascades from Ross Lake back to Snoqualmie in 10 to 14 days?!? This would probably explain where the bears have gone. Thanks so much JJ Hack. @ WA Whitey: I think you now have your answer. The bears have...
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    WA black bear after september?

    @JJ Hack: Your information is extremely valuable. We are dealing with two completely different areas, however. The far NE corner of WA (the Panhandle of Idaho is very similar) has lots of bears, and NF acreage up to about 5,000'. Huckleberries are abundant in the late summer, but by...
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    New guy from Washington

    Tyson, where abouts are you in WA? Pm me if you like.