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    Turo - yes, no or maybe?

    Used it multiple times. Never a negative experience. Way easier than traditional rental.
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    WTS Selway Stick quiver

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    WTS Selway Stick quiver

    Selway stick quiver. $85 TYD thanks PD Gohil WV 304.619.9337
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    closed. wrong forum

    Selway stick quiver. $85 TYD.
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    Razco vs Kenai chest holster?

    I've had my Kenai for a year now. Carry my 329PD under my bino harness. The fit is good, retention is excellent. Only complaint I have is the noise from anything they rubs The plastic buckles and of course the holster it's self. But otherwise a damn fine, comfortable holster.
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    Oh Crap Gear (Backup Gear)

    Few zip ties.
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    Tab Release help

    Thanks!! I'll give it it ago and report back
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    Tab Release help

    Okm can you explain what you mean by pulling through your throat so that your hand is not come off your face.? It seems like if you were pulling through your hand would naturally come back away from your face past your ear.
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    Tab Release help

    Creeping forward just before the release could be the issue. But the way I was taught was to keep pulling just like shooting a compound with back tension. It should feel like a bucket of water slipping from your fingers. So if that's wrong I definitely need to correct it.
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    Tab Release help

    I'm hooking in the 1st joint. Holding doesn't hurt at all.. it's the act of letting the string slip off my fingers that hurts
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    Tab Release help

    Striving for a better and more consistent release. Using a yost tab 3 under. When I execute a pull through back tension release, it produces good results, but it kills my fingers. They sting like hell and feel like I shut them in a car door. When I open my fingers by command this doesn't happen...
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    WTS Hoyt trad limbs 40lb

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    WTS Hoyt trad limbs 40lb

    Matching set of 40lb medium Hoyt limbs very good condition. $350 tyd. PGohil 304.619.9337
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    SKRE Ptarmigan in the Outlet

    I have this puffy and absolutely love it!!
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    Arrows left of aim

    I get it. I'm over spined. But the centershot figure is really screwing with me. The satori is cut .44 past center, with a .261 side plate. So therefore my boss setting would be .179 past center... I can't figure out how to get that figure into the calculator. What I gather is that I'm in the...