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    AK Spring Bear Hunt Ideas

    Yea weather is definitely of concern. We have, but it would require quite a bit of travel and requires a draw tag for non-res, which I don't have.
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    AK Spring Bear Hunt Ideas

    My brother lives in Anchorage and I will be going up there in the beginning of May to do a spring bear hunt. Since the bear transporters are typically pretty expensive since there's only two of us and most want to fill the boat, we are looking to take a water taxi and rent a Zodiac type boat to...
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    Early August Caribou Meat Care

    We are planning a Caribou hunt for the northern Brooks range early to mid August of this year. We are planning to hike the 5 miles past the corridor as my dad is not a bow hunter, so we hope to shoot a Caribou for him early in the trip and then the rest of us will archery hunt the remainder. Our...
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    Sitka Mountain Pant - Dirt - 34R

    Sitka Mountain Pants, Dirt color. Bought last summer and only wore one time this year. So, basically new condition. $160 shipped. Pat - 651-431-1138
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    Sitka Bivy 30 - Open Country

    Sitka Bivy 30 Pack - Optifade Open Country $200 Pat - Text 651-431-1138