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    Mathews V3X any cons or problems?

    I have a v3x 33 it’s a really nice bow and the the bridge lock sight makes a difference in balance and a good bit of sights will fit. I’ll only shoot bows that I can balance perfect so I skipped the entire Halon series. If you go with the two piece and a bridge lock sight it all just fits and...
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    Hoyt 2023 line up

    I’d like to try the ZS1 my favorite bow ever was a carbon spider turbo with the Z5 cams. I’ll be curious what the draw is like compared to my mathews Vxr
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    Mathews phase4 29&33

    I shoot a Vxr 31.5 and a V3x 33 so I like Mathews, with that said the extra limbs seem like a bad idea more moving parts and solving a problem that didn't exist. The stabs are cool but way to expensive for little to no gain but I'm sure there will be after market coming. I did think bridge...
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    Learned something new today

    Perfect world I can always get both fixed and expendables to shoot fine to 80+, throw some wind in the mix and 60+ yards I'd rather shoot a Sevr 1.5 low profile mechanical. With all that said normal hunting ranges 10-40 yards I'd prefer fixed exodus or ironwill's but I always carry an...
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    ANOTHER stolen bull…this time Aron Snyders?

    I had an experience where two guys stole a deer from me, shot the buck on public land at 8:30 AM. Went to pickup my 8 year old son from the house to track it (Less than 5 mile drive). Found the buck with two guys standing overtop of it in fishing gear where it died next to a lake shore. They...
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    How much hunting does your wife let you get by with?

    Work is the problem not the wife or kids, I’m gone 20-30 days a year on trips and hunt whenever I want locally. Most of my buddies only escape is to drink, smoke dope, vape, cheat on wives, etc and are all miserable with life and out of shape. I really don’t like being around them since they...
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    Has anyone gone from sliders back to fixed?

    I keep debating this for elk and going to a five pin fixed. I use a fast eddie double pin and am good to 45 yards but bulls tend move around a lot so it's one less thing to think about.
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    Threadlocker hit insert

    I have used HIT's since Axis arrows came out in 5mm and 4mm arrows, if you want them to work correct you need to use a slow set epoxy. The other option is have mushroomed arrows
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    WTS Crispi lapponia 2 size 10.5

    Bump $150 TYD
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    What size Power Bank needed and is solar charging any good?

    Petzl Actik Core Headlamp, it has a battery pack but can also take 3 AAA's
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    What size Power Bank needed and is solar charging any good?

    For hunts longer than 4-5 days I use solar and a battery bank. During the day I leave my solar array charging a battery bank. At night I use the pack to charge my head lamp and phone inside my sleeping bag. Granted I bow hunt so the days are long and plenty of sun
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    WTS Crispi lapponia 2 size 10.5

    Used for about 40 miles getting the feel for them and the sole is a little to narrow for my liking. Gonna stick with my Timberlines Factory soles not included $160 TYD I’ll take PayPal
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    Crispi Lapponia II

    Had them for a few months now, the sole is pretty narrow which gave me hot spots on the edges of my big toes and the leather rand offers no protection if you bang into a rock. For light duty and not packing in they are solid anything else I need a heavier boot.
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    Location, Quality of life, profession/trade or family? What single factor influences where you live?

    I live in the mid Atlantic on the farm my wife grew up on, we have about 30 acres I can play on, I am under 10 minutes to about 3000 thousand acres of bowhunting only places and our property touches a stocked trout stream. The hunting/hiking/biking is fun enough and my wife is happy here and...
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    Talk me out of a fast eddie double pin

    I’ve used everything from 5 pins, 3 pin sliders, and single pin. Been bow hunting about 25 years. If you go two pin you need to commit to leaning hold over and what to do when it’s between the top and bottom pin. I also like 25 yards as the zero give me a little more flexibility when...