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    6.5 PRC with Ramshot Magnum powder

    Interesting, I thought Magnum would be too slow for something with that capacity. I run it in my win mag with a 165 grain and 175 grain Barns and I still run a compressed load at times. I would thing you would run out of capacity with a PRC or 30-06 family case. Interested to hear more. Never...
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    Not to hard to book a cheap flight and take a three day weekend in many parts of the country with a rental car. Not super intense scouting but a couple nice day hikes to explore trails and glassing points is very helpful. I know I should, but I have a hard time going out a couple days before...
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    RENT GUNS and Gear is OPEN 4 BUSINESS!!

    Might be interesting to consider some level of seasonal pricing. For instance higher pricing for hunt based use vs Lowe pricing for flexible/off season use for guys that just want to get hands on the gear to try it out and are not fixed to a specific hunt/tag/trip? Just a thought. Sent from my...
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    Are quilts the biggest load of crap ever? Emperor's new clothes?

    Interesting starting a thread knocking something you have never used? But I get your perspective. All of that said. 1lb is weight savings less 3-4 oz for a warm beanie/hat. (Which I would generally have with me anyway). Is a pretty decent weight drop. I do not think anyone would pitch a quilt 0...
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    Show Low Arizona.

    Thanks Figured it’s a long shot but wanted to check. Like much of north/central AZ tags are a tough draw. Maybe if a keep saving my points I can draw that early 3A/3C Tag before I inherit the place. Bears are an option but the population does not look too big. I guess I will be kicking around...
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    Expo Exhibitors

    I do a a handful of shows for my company (not hunting related). They are a pain. Expensive, logistically challenging, lots of opportunity cost for being out of the office and not able to help current clients. While shows do drum up some new business, it’s often the same crowd over and over plus...
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    Show Low Arizona.

    Anyone here from our hunt in the area of Taylor/Show Low Arizona? My parents just retired over that way and I would really appreciate the opportunity to know a bit more about the area. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Be honest with me, Is this a dumb idea?

    My only thought is, the few times I have gone on a hunt with a different agenda I generally do a bad job on both goals. I have tried to do hunts as “scouting” trips into areas. I either end up not putting the effort into the hunt so I can explore or I focus on my hunt and leave feeling I did not...
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    How accurate are Montana's harvest/hunter numbers

    All states should have mandatory reporting. Lying about harvest/hunt data is like lying to you doctor. It’s only going to hurt you in the long term. We complain about wildlife managers making “bad” decisions, but ball when they attempt to collect data. Bad data can be a problem but no data...
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    2020 Hodgdon Manuel

    What do you think the margin is on a 6.99 book? Depending on how they ship between labor, packaging and shipping costs I would bet that 11.99 is not far off. Let’s say for some miracle they get a 50% markup on a 6.99 book. So 3.49 in the pocket. Less .80 cents for box or packaging if they get...
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    Planning for snow.

    Thanks ever for the feedback. Have a feeling if I am success in the draw this will add a fun new learning curve for late season. Not sure why it did not click earlier but it seems getting wet is more the concern than the actual cold (obviously wet = cold as well). Seems I should look into a...
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    Planning for snow.

    Generally yes. I usually run light with just my tarp tent. I have a insulated pad and decent zero Degree down bag I use backpacking. Contemplated getting a smaller hot tent setup but not sure I want to deal with the hassle. Still on the fence. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Planning for snow.

    If that point creep does not get me, I should draw a decent late season elk tag this year. My concern is this region will very likely be into some snow. While I have hunted in below freezing temps, other than flurries I have not had to deal with snow. I do not live in a snow area as well, so...
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    Do you think they read our comments?

    Depending on the country of manufacturing, this may have to do with tariff based design. This can come into play with a lot of the garnet changes being discussed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Signatures Delivered to Colorado for Wolf Ballot Initiative

    Be careful about wishing away your rights at the ballot box. The “right” (see wrong) people at that agency could be even more dangerous than the court of public opinion. It also sets precedent that can be used on issues far more dangerous than wildlife management. Sent from my iPhone using...