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    Spot Hogg Double pin

    Time to revive this thread! Does anyone mark their DP post with nail polish/silver sharper in between the first and second pin or below the second pin?
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    Great vehicle. Get the off-road and use the $$$ you saved on recovery gear or suspension upgrades! 😎
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    Here's to a Great Independence Day Roksliders!

    God bless America.
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    How to Add Weight to Your Pack?

    I use a fitness sandbag shell, and a blend of sand and wood pellets. Sand alone makes the bag too heavy to do Sandbag Getups with. I then shove the whole thing into my load shelf. Try to keep the weight in the upper 1/2-1/3 of your back for more comfort. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Diy Packraft?

    Anybody try one of these DIY pack raft kits? Definitely interested in some first hand accounts.
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    Replacing a Vane on a Wrapped Arrow without replacing the entire Wrap?

    Thanks everyone. I tried slicing off the damaged vane, mangled my wrap, and ended up just re-wrapping and fletching the arrow all over again. I will probably go sans wrap in the future.
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    Replacing a Vane on a Wrapped Arrow without replacing the entire Wrap?

    Thanks....that's kinda what I was thinking, but it would look a little hokey.
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    Replacing a Vane on a Wrapped Arrow without replacing the entire Wrap?

    This might be a silly question. I started fletching my own arrows last month and have been having a blast with my Bitz. I've damaged a few individual vanes from practice sessions. Is it possible to replace an individual vane on a wrapped arrow w/o pulling off the entire wrap (and the rest of the...
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    KuduPoint Contour+Plus 4 blade broadhead

    Thanks DRP...definitely going to try these out this season!
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    Bow (Black or Realtree)

    Black! Solids will never go out of style....
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    Mantis X8?

    Has anyone tried the Mantis X8? It looks super gimmicky, but I actually like the firearm version and it has improved my pistol shooting. I'm curious about the archery version to supplement my basement shooting. Obviously not a replacement for time in the field, lessons, or at a real range...
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    Elk Euro Mount - took a bad fall, otions?

    I had the exact same thing happen. I took my time and hot glued the big pieces back together. I filled in the gaps with Apoxie sculpting putty and painted the skill with bone white paint. It's not great from close up, but looks good enough from afar. I really like those floating antlers! Does...
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    WTB Elk Solo Target

    I long shot. :cry:
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    WTB Elk Solo Target

    Looking to pickup any of the Elk skins by Solo Target.
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    FNG from NM.

    That's awesome. Congrats on the Oryx tag!