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    First Whitetail!

    Nice Buck! 👍
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    CVA Paramount

    I'm assuming center-fire rifle primers like other Arrowhead Modules. I'm running Fed 210Ms in mine for BH209. The Arrowhead modules are tool-less, but they ain't exactly fast to reload either.
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    CVA Paramount

    Thanks for the review. I’m already the Arrowhead/Sabotless bandwagon. You might want to check out the Arrowhead Rifles module conversion for your Paramount.
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    Pre-deployment hunt ideas within 250 mile of El Paso, TX

    C. Be careful if you are unfamiliar with Southern NM. The terrain and temps can own you.
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    Pre-deployment hunt ideas within 250 mile of El Paso, TX

    Andrew, you can check out hunt’in fool for NM tags, but they are usually expensive. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why no weapon and minimal gear?
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    New Hand-Release Recommendations

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, sounds like Carter / Nock-2-It it is!
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    New Hand-Release Recommendations

    Probably going to stay with a thumb. Is anyone actually hunting with a hinge, or is that "training use only"?
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    Target Panic

    Are you shooting with one-eye closed?
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    New Hand-Release Recommendations

    I left my Scott Pursuit at the range on Friday and by the time I realized it was missing, somebody grabbed it. So....I'm in the market for a new release. Only requirement is that it must be convertible to left-handed. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    WTS UDAP Bear Fence

    PM sent!
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    New Mexico - GMU 52

    Bump to this thread. How are conditions and the herd looking in GMU 52 for those that have been there recently?
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    New Mexico unit 36

    Trophyhill, see my post and off-road forest map on page 2 of this thread. I’ve hunted with both. If backpacking hunting deep and it’s dry, you can pull of 2WD, but it may limit your options.
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    Looking for a tree saddle

    I'm in the same boat. I would prefer to buy new, but it looks like all of the major manufactures are back-ordered by 10-weeks.
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    AGC Harness Fitting - Straps Too Big?

    The 2019 AGC Harness with the Autolocking buckles was "clip-in and go" with the Marsupial straps.
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    AGC Harness Fitting - Straps Too Big?

    Interesting Shraggs. You don't have any issues with your pistol bumping your arm or your bugle tube bumping your nuts?