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    Have you ever got into an argument elk hunting?

    Eh not really. I somehow always leave the hunt before that happens
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    WTB Mavens 10x, 15/18x

    Looking for 2 pairs. Wanting 10x50/56 and 15 or 18s for tripod. Let me know what you have I’m located in Idaho
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    Sold Custom Christensen 6.5 creed

    Sorry to side track, did you like the MK5 better than the NX8? I’ve got an NX8 on my .300 and thinking of getting the MK5 for my next build. Nice rifle btw and GLWS
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    2022 bowtech sr350

    I am not sure on that. I have ordered one that will be here in “January” so I’ll update once I get it. I’ll be putting custom strings on it as well so may inflate the number a tad.
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    2022 bowtech sr350

    Absolutely. My buddy has the solution and I’m wanting to shoot his to see the difference. I did order the 350 so I’m extremely excited
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    2022 bowtech sr350

    You know I didn’t think of asking/looking. Suuuuuper smooth draw. I’m very excited for it.
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    Anyone Chrono the new Bowtech SR350 with the correct mods yet?

    Though, it was the smoothest drawback I’ve felt. 71lb felt like 60-63 so I ordered one just for that
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    Anyone Chrono the new Bowtech SR350 with the correct mods yet?

    Shot one today. 450gr arrow, 28” draw, 71lbs= 285, 285, 284
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    2022 bowtech sr350

    Absolutely. I wasn’t planning on a new bow for at least another year or two. Uncle raves about it so I called the shop, they had one so had to go test it. Just a smooth bow.
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    2022 bowtech sr350

    450 gr arrow, 28” draw, 71lbs= 285fps
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    2022 bowtech sr350

    Just shot one tonight, needless to say I ordered one custom from the shop. I’m impressed boys. The revolt to me had a little hitch that I didn’t like so I opted for the black 5 from prime before. Problem with the prime is it’s heavy. The SR350 is light as can be. And smooooooth draw. No...
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    Sold Christensen Ridgeline 6.5 PRC

    Bro we need to talk…
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    WTS Curtis custom axiom, mcmillan edge fill game scout

    FFS…. When I’m broke… shoot me lol Great price and glws!