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  • D. Pharis
    783 county road 439
    Yoakum TX 77995

    Any chance you'd sell just the FL and vortex? If so how much?
    I'll send funds asap. Also sorry if you got this message a few times, kind of new to the forum.
    They worked initially but I haven't put them on for a while since I got a baby boy to take care of now.

    With out a doubt I would contact them. Many people have had great luck with them but once and awhile there is always a lemon. Still the dwr is just to stop the material from "wetting" out and its the membrane that actually keeps you dry.

    Nothing is "breathable" when it's really raining since there is no where that the moisture can escape to. Breathability only comes into play when you are wearing it in drier circumstances. Still if it's not your trapped sweat from high exertion and it seems the jacket is leaking like mine was then I would get a new one.

    Kuiu customer service was great to me and set me up with a new pair and even paid for shipping. Contact the warranty department and explain your situation. I'm looking at first lite's SEAK jacket as an alternative as well.

    Good luck and keep me posted on how it turns out.

    Hey dude,

    I saw the thread talking about your kuiu yukon stuff leaking and that you ended up warrantying them and getting the Yukon gear again. Mind if I ask you if your second pair worked?

    I'm having the same issue with my yukon stuff as you were and I was wondering whether or not to get in touch with kuiu or try to re dwr the gear myself. I already used techwash which didn't really work as the gear still seems to be leaking.


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