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  • Hey man, saw your post about Idaho spring bear. I’m interested in teaming up if you want to go still. I’d be coming from SE Wisconsin. Fairly new to backpack hunting (first ‘mountain hunt’ was elk in Flat Tops last year). I’ve got a fair bit of gear and am in ok shape (32 y/o)...probably not as good as you if you’re AD, ha.
    My wife and I have a 2 month old kid, and I THINK he’ll be old enough by May for me to sneak in a trip and not hack off the wife too much but would have to make a final call in March.
    My plan was to fly out and get a rental (or pay for gas if hunting with somebody with a truck).
    Haven’t yet scouted for units but hoping to do that on thanksgiving or Xmas break. Planning is half the fun too.
    Let me know how serious you are about going. Thanks!
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