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    What did I do wrong 2.0

    Keep after it tomorrow is a new day. Dont give in to that go home voice in your head
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    What left this pile?

    Kinda like Mt house and Mt Ops blend with some BRCC
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    What left this pile?

    ^^^ Finally an answer thar makes sense 5 and 10 acre properties around mine. Nieghbors horse was out a week ago Leaning towards horse it seems to taste like hay and oats
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    What left this pile?

    Its on my property, kind of thought bear but figured it should have seeds or berries something other than grasses
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    What left this pile?

    Each pile is about fist size.
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    What left this pile?

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    September 2022 Giveaway

    I like my first lite springer vest, keeps the bulk down but it is kindof heavy for a vest
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    Can I ship this?

    If you go to a body shop or car dealer (fenders , doors, inner door panels, etc.) they will probably have box the size you need
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    This Happened To Me - 2022

    Oh man here's to healing fast I jacked up my back, misssed out hunting last weekend, heading out thursday.
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    Pick your spot

    Which spot did he pick?
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    Finally got action, what did I do wrong?

    Possibly nothing as i say "Sometimes they play, sometimes they walk away"
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    Bugle Reports.

    Hunting partner said they are starting, i am out of here
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    Elk camp tag along and I need A surprise suggestion

    We used to do a guys camping trip with brother, dad, and son in laws. We rented a lookout tower one year. 2nd day I said who wants ice cream . I do, I do,.........When I pulled out MH ice cream sandwichs I almost got thrown off the deck. Your idea is much better
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    Elk camp tag along and I need A surprise suggestion

    Personally I would not care for that stinking up my fresh air . I do like the Ice cream idea.
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    Question for the mechanics -- 2017 Honda Pilot issues

    Battery light symbol on while running could indicate charging problem. Considing it went dead KOEO and it jump started and ran fine to the other 2 shops would indacate charging system is working . i would supect a battery Shucks and auto zone couldnt diag their way out of a wet paper bag.