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    Savage 110 Ultralite: .270 or 30-06

    Boyd's Gunstocks Pro Varmint. It's no longer a "lightweight" gun, but hunting with suppressors for me is a requirement and that stock was able to be cut down to 12.5" LOP with a near vertical grip. I'm too young to have this much tinnitus lol. I did have to have my gunsmith open up the barrel...
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    Savage 110 Ultralite: .270 or 30-06

    It's not bad at all, especially suppressed. I did end up changing stocks because the forend was contacting the barrel with the suppressor and bipod attached. The additional stock weight probably helped some with the recoil, but it wasn't bad in the original stock. Other than that, the rifle has...
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    Marsupial Gear Bino Harness-Magnet Issues?

    I haven't, but I use the Vortex Diamondback rangefinder.
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    Nerve "pinch" in fingers during draw with handheld release

    I'm about 1.5 months into archery. I'm slowly increasing my draw weight on my Mathews V3X 29 and I'm discovering that I'm getting a slight "pinch" sensation in my index & middle fingers when drawing my bow around ~57lbs. It's not painful, but it definitely doesn't feel like it should be...
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    July Iron Will Giveaway

    K2 Ultralight Skinning Knife
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    WTS CZ P10f- Ported

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    WTB Mathews Engage Limb Legs

    Looking to buy a set of Mathews Engage Limb Legs.
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    WTS CZ P10f- Ported

    Not interested in trades at this time.
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    WTS CZ P10f- Ported