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    Alaska moose width thread?

    Some good guesses for sure. I hair over 59".
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    Alaska moose width thread?

    Definitely use the brow tine method or for certain over 60." I made a bad call on one. Not fun I can promise you that. Here is another bull that was killed by another friend in camp. Guess away on this one. Obviously with both brows legal it made it easy, but some more practice for you OP. Tough...
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    Let's see some traditional harvests!

    My doe from this year. About a 12 yard shot quartering away. Didn't make it far and heard her crash.
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    Traditional rifle?

    Lever guns are super fun and really handy in the woods. I have a 1954 model Win 94 in 30-30 that i found at a gun show that was in great shape. It definitely takes some time to find one in good shape that is at a good price. Typically the cheaper ones have a lot cosmetic or rust issues. I paid...
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    WTS Tikka 270win T3/T3x win Stainless

    Assume right handed?
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    my biggest buck to date. N GA

    Nice GA deer
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    First Whitetail!

    Great. Perfect first buck.
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    Tikka 7mm-08 Build

    Mind sending me some pics of both barrel contours and length for reference? My email is [email protected]
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    Tikka 7mm-08 Build

    Wouldnt be a bad option. I’ve seen a few builds from Clarktar on here and like what he has going on with a little heftier barrel but shorter than the stock. If I’m having to buy an action that can be rebarreled to 7-08 might as well look into getting exactly what I want vs a stock barrel, but...
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    Tikka 7mm-08 Build

    Well since I can't track down the unicorn left handed stainless steel 7mm-08 Tikka I am going to just pick up one and rebarrel it. Not interested in the carbon barrels right now, but am looking for suggestions on what barrel manufacturer people recommend. I have looked up most of the "popular"...
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    WTB WTB LH Tikka 7mm-08

    As the title states I am looking at buying a left handed tikka in 7mm-08. Prefer a stainless unicorn but blued will be considered as well.
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    Remington 700 adl for 184$ at Walmart

    If the price is not 184 on brickseek, but is showing available does that mean they're on sale or does brick seek need to show 184?
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    Kifaru Quarter Panel

    Anyone else planning to run this for day hunting? Thinking of packing in with my reckoning and switching out this quarter panel with a lid of some sort for day hunting. Haven't seen many reviews on the quarter panel.
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    Helpful tips on How to ship game meat and antlers from Alaska

    When I went on my first trip I planned on using Alaska Air Cargo who would take it to Atlanta for pickup. I had it down from them as 1.22/lb so 500lbs would be just north of the 600 mark. Alaska Cargo website has more info, but here is a link for shipping rates for meat. I believe they call it...