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    Ccw belt

    Volund gearworks here for me as well. I’ve been using the atlas g hook for at least 5 years. No signs of wear and I love it.
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    Let's See Your Semi-Custom Tikka Builds

    Checkout High Velocity Hunting Australia. They have a titanium/carbon fiber bolt handle that I'm really impressed with. I think it might be cheaper too once you figure in the AUD to USD conversion.
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    CO temperatures in Sept.

    For unit 74 I wouldn't take a bag warmer than 30*, but that all boils down to how warm you sleep and what you're comfortable with. Expect temperature swings from mid 20's to 80's. I have no problem staying warm in my 28* Mountain Hardware bag. I slept with my merino baselayers and never got...
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    Let's See Your Semi-Custom Tikka Builds

    Almost identical to what I want to do, any idea what the weight is?
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    WTS Javelin Bipod

    I'll take it, PM sent.
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    Sitka stratus vs fanatic

    Get the Fanatic. I only wear a Apex hoodie or similar wool baselayer underneath mine. I like being able to walk in wearing only something light, helps me get to my stand without being drenched in sweat. Once I'm cooled off I put my Fanatic jacket on and I'm set. I've hunted in mine in 40's...
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    Eastern PA / Philly Area

    What part of Texas are you from and what possessed you to move to PA?
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    Let's have your best asparagus recipe.

    Take 3 sticks, wrap them tightly in a strip of bacon, sprinkle with your favorite rub and throw it on the grill until the bacon is cooked.
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    Under 60$ flashlight

    Surefire G2x Pro. Surefire anything is hard to beat.
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    Mental Process for deciding between companies for a first backcountry hunting backpack

    Also while it is nice to be able to buy multiple packs and try them out, just because returns are free does not mean shipping is free. Last time I shipped a pack it was over $40 to get from the East coast to the West coast so keep that in mind if you plan to order a bunch and return the ones you...
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    Mental Process for deciding between companies for a first backcountry hunting backpack

    I'm running a Exo K3 4800 now and I'm really impressed with the bag layout and accessibility. I got 2 hunting partners that use SG, one with the Xcurve and one with the Krux Evo. SG gets away with being so light by not having any organization sewn into the bag, especially when looking at the...
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    Sixsite Gear filed for bankruptcy

    I agree. I talked to them about 2 years ago at the Harrisburg NRA Sportsman show. They asked me what I think about their clothes and if there's any suggestions I'd make. I told them they should consider side zips similar to what Kuiu does. They looked at me like I'm stupid and said, they don't...
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    Mesa Precision Altitude Tikka Stock Group Buy

    One of these stocks just landed in the classifieds last night, I'd cancel that order.
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    Running Shoes

    Started using Altras last year for road running, and picked up a pair of the Altra Superior 4 this year for trail running. Love both, and don't see myself switching for awhile.