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    2020 AZ Javelina - my daughters first hunt!

    Excellent! Loved the writeup. Seems like folks have lost the hunt part of stuff and you guys up. Yay!
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    "Let me just help you hunt somewhere else." Post your favorite excuse.

    I did a second "out west" hunt last year and traded some info with local fellow and whitetail hunters. We got a 159+1 and passed on a big half rack WT buck. Those guys were legit. I have met non legit folks but they were kinda obvious. Guy who put me on 7 deer told me about large muley...
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    How much time do you devote to hunting?

    2-3 months a year. Lots of shooting and research of long off destinations. Make it fun.
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    Shout out to Vortex

    I bought a Closeout viper 2-x36 and love it.
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    WY question... S...

    what can be said about hunting sage brush and rolling hills? are those areas any good - or is it only productive after snow pushes deer down out of the mountians?
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    Picking a new Bullet. how do you all choose

    I load Sierra flat base 150s for 3006. Best shooting bullet in my gun, can do an inch at 200 if I'm on my game. Also load nosler partition with great accuracy. Just getting to load for 243 and picked up some 90 gr game changers or tipped game kings if you will. Looks like a decent bullet...
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    Wyoming antelope tag question

    The game management requires that x number of animals get killed. In order to do that, x number of permits need to be issued. Most of the folks hunting private are guided, in a club, or have access well before the season. It's not diff than some guys hunting a farm or other private elsewhere...
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    Something to commemorate passing hunters ed?

    That'll work. You can start the tradition into manhood w hunter safety then a 22 rifle. You kids will probably keep that one going with your grands in the future. Be nice for them each to have their own. Means a lot.
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    What 2-3 calibers would you pick?

    Right now I have 243, 3006, 357 mag rifles. You need a 22 too. Ruger 10 22 for that.
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    Something to commemorate passing hunters ed?

    I didn't read all the posts. Wasn't trying to be snotty just the way it came out. As a kid my reward was simply being able to go. Nothing wrong with a 22, a great gift for him. I kinda thought he already had one. He'll love it.
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    Something to commemorate passing hunters ed?

    He doesn't need a mile marker for every little thing he does - tell him he did a good job, ask if he wants DQ on the way home. Make a big deal out of buying the hunting license and tell him he earned it. You're gonna go broke buying him and the others hunting stuff over the years anyway.
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    Public Land DIY Antelope Pros/Cons

    No doubt. If the antelope was as big as you said - it could have been someone reserving that critter for a guided hunt or whatnot. I am amazed at a lot of the stories that seem to have a bit of repetition - guides chasing elk off public on to private any time someone shows up to hunt the...
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    .243 90 gr Sierra Game Changer

    Even more good stuff! I appreciate your sharing. Funny how all this stuff comes at a point where my hunting is slowing down due to lack of opportunity. Hoping to draw a decent local tag and shoot something else w 243 to test new bullets. Might have to put wants on hold a bit.
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    .243 90 gr Sierra Game Changer

    Not an issue. Made me look up the Grendel. I'm considering the 6.5 creed. Would consider a halfway decent 7mm08 but they are hard to find guns and ammo for around here. Maybe used. Liking the idea of a 130 gr bullet w low recoil but more velocity than the Grendel. Read some stuff on SST...
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    To buy a tag or not buy a tag, that is the question??

    Yes, buy the tag. Shoot an antelope, have antelope steaks and then go get a muley.