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    Streep typical “age and score” thread

    He's a pretty deer. I like the symmetrical typical bucks. Looks like good genetics around there.
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    Odd question was asked before setting up a interview from a manager?

    LOL! You aint from around here (FL). What happens if they say crocs? OP - I wouldn't take it personal. Probably just a screening question. Hiring folks is tedious work and takes him away from his everyday duties that need to get done anyway. What folks never think about is having a...
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    Ladder stand for bow hunting

    There are plenty of ladder stand options - just get one without arm rests and practice shooting out of it. You may need to silence the stand - put it together and see what you can do and what noises it makes. I prefer ladders myself. Just easier.
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    7mm-08 for Alaska Bear

    Get on their good side? Tell em they'll get an extra $500 if they can put you on a decent bear at a reasonable range. They'll make it happen.
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    7mm-08 for Alaska Bear

    LOL! It's Alaska for you need a .338 or whatever you shoot won't die. Just poking. You make a point that a lot of guys can't shoot worth a hoot - so they need a bigger gun. Black bears aren't big or armor plated but folks do make bad shots during the heat of the moment. Guy doesn't feel...
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    Best 6.5 hunting bullet

    I think Nosler makes a 125 grain partition for 6.5. Almost bought one because of that. Would be about a perfect setup for down here in the south. Bought a 350 Legend instead cause 99.9% of my shooting is inside 250 yards. Really like it too. Anyway, a soft long range bullet can't hold...
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    7mm-08 for Alaska Bear

    Funny how folks think any bear or hog is equivalent to a russian tank. Poke a hole thru the ribs and it dies. Crazy how that works. Bears and hogs die very quickly to good shots. The 7-08 will do just fine.
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    .223 for bear, deer, elk and moose.

    Most folks yip and yap about stuff we/they have no business talking about. Gotta admit that it happens way more than it should.
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    How’s your fuel prices

    $3/gal for 87 in Orlando
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    Cheap Stuff that Works

    I like the $5 pull thru sharpeners from Walmart, think they are made by Smiths. Good for touching up a blade.
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    .30-'06 and .308.

    308 is almost a 30-06 and is a fine rifle.
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    Is classic hunting bolt action rifle dead or?

    A nice blue and wood bolt is the classic gun. As is a sxs double. IMO anyway.
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    Preventing Knife Cuts in the Field

    Same here - I use em for filleting fish and processing cows or game. I have the rubberized ones too - did cut the finger tip off one once while cutting something - I knew what was happening and it didn't get my finger. Not sure you could do that with one of the fish gloves.
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    Does a cot help side sleepers

    Cots are tough - some are comfy and most are too tight and hard. Pads help. Might bring an air mattress and sleep on that.
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    Why does anyone lease hunting land

    8 guys on 500 acres is a bit crowded. $1,200 x 8 = $9,600 for the lease. It is probably antler restricted and in an area with decent bucks - if you can squeeze out one of the travel route spots, you'll see a bunch of deer during the rut. We had 3 guys on 500 acres, about $3,600. Also in...

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