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    WTS Newly brand new Mystery Ranch Metcalf pack

    Mystery ranch metcalf pack in optifade subalpine. Purchased this year used for one elk hunt. In excellent condition. Barely used. Loved the bag. Only selling being I am a Florida boy who won’t be using for at least 3 years again and don’t want it to sit in storage. It is an l/xl. Comes with a...
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    Broke the ice for 2021

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    Getting together gear

    I used lacrosse atlas 800g this year and was quite pleased. I think I likely could have gone with 400g as I was using first lite merino wool socks.
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    Backcountry Outfitted Hunt - CO or MT?

    Great point
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    I joined the club! First Archery Bull...solo

    Very cool
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    Non-resident Idaho DIY Elk 2022

    Just hunted Idaho with over the counter tags for a week and saw very little big game. And we were getting after it deep in the wood and up and down the mountains
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    Finally got it done! First Bull!!!

    Real nice
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    What’s does your fitness routine look like to get in(and stay in) elk hunting shape?

    Just got back from Idaho and definitely would say fitness is crucial. I would consider myself in decent shape at 40 but that country whooped my tail
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    What bullets are you shooting this season?

    Accubond 180
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    2021 - Who Got Their First Elk?

    Came up empty on my first go around
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    First elk hunt - last hour bull

    Good times congrats
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    First Bull