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    Wyoming General Elk Unit 9/10

    Varying degrees of environment with lots of access from all side of those two units, yes there is blow down but when you have this much beetle kill, that is to be expected. You will encounter other hunters no doubt, because those two units are big SE Wyoming General Units. Elk are prevalent...
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    Swaros or mavens?

    I finally pulled the trigger on EL's, knowing that this was the last binocular I would ever buy most likely. I contemplated Maven's and Razors and the like, but knew I would always wonder and potentially end up with EL's or the new Zeiss SF's (which are outstanding BTW, if you haven't looked...
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    New World Record Bighorn

    Thanks for sharing the link Wingert, what an amazing animal!
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    Kuiu expand offerings

    I agree with Idahoelk, on several podcasts and videos he has expressed that he is sticking to equipment for backcountry hunting for the most part and will branch out in time. Keeping stock was a huge issue for them which he seems to have figured out, especially when thinking back to 3-4 years...
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    Grizz in Bighorns?

    I hunted region H this last year, and my brother hunts there every year. The grizzlies are thick in spots, especially the closer you get to Green River Lakes. I have heard of sighting as far south as Big Sandy but haven't seen one there myself. Trail cam pics with multiple grizzlies on them...
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    Rain gear - Kuiu options?

    From a durability and packability stand point for what you are looking for, I would recommend Chugach NX as the best all around for warm weather and shell versatility in colder weather.
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    Benchmade Altitude

    It says on the Born and Raised Outdoors "give aways" page, the value of the Benchmade Altitude is $235. Best I can find for pricing, seems about right for this product. Giveaways | Born And Raised Outdoors
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    KUIU Bino Harness and Rangefinder Pouch Modifications

    Those mods are legit enigmatic. definitely will consider the RF modification.
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    Kuiu Icon Pro Question

    I like the 1850 for short hunts and summer scouting trips. Hunted with it last year and just wasn't enough space in my opinion. So i purchased the new 3200 bag and its perfect I feel. Large enough for a 1-3 day outing if your desire is to use it on a backpacking trip, and perfect for a day pack...
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    Medicine Bow NF

    It isn't terribly crowded, but during rifle you will see plenty of orange. I have never hunted 12, but I hunt 11, 10, and 9 most years. If you do a little scouting to learn the terrain and county roads moderately well you should have success. I recommend buying the state Elk maps, that will help...
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    Another one bites the dust- poacher style

    wow, sad story there. greed got to another person.....
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    Kuiu anniversary sale

    Kuiu is having an anniversary sale now through April 4th. Check it out, some deals are "better" than show deals for sure. Happy shopping!!!
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    REI dividend & 20% off sale

    I am considering Yeti cooler as someone already mentioned. I second the fact that they never seem to go on sale and with REI 20% off you save ~$60-100 depending on which size you buy. Looks like a solid deal to me.
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    2015 NV Bull

    great story and great bull, he is a stud for sure. Great shot too, regardless of yardage. We have all seen or heard of people taking risky shots at 40,50, or 60 yards but nobody ever says much to them....#whywepractice
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    KUIU Questions

    I just ordered 3 upper body items; guide vest in medium, peloton 240 in medium, and guide jacket in large. All fit well. I am 5'8" 170 lbs. didn't want the thinner or more close to skin layers too baggy as that adds unnecessary and constricting bulk, especially when shooting my bow. Wanted a...