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    What search pattern do you think is best?

    I rarely use the tracker on my gps/onX, but the first thing I do when tracking, if I don’t see or hear it die, is mark my location from where I shot, hang a piece of flagging tape… wait as long as I’m going to wait, mark where the animal was standing… only if I’m positive, some times the eyes...
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    Is Morels?

    when cooking morels (sauté or fry) start them dry, let them dump the water, then add your butter and brown them.... cook the water off, then brown them in butter.... good food finally saw my first morels today in the blue mountains, most were babies, i think the warm weather sunday finally got...
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    General Purpose Hunting Boots

    I would add zamberlan to your list
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    POW Fishing Next Week

    Have you asked any of the lodges about general charter outfits? They should probably know Don’t know if it’s logistical or not, but I think there are boat rentals in Ketchikan, and vellenar bay is close to town and excellent fishing… The only guys I know over on POW are lodge based, and can’t...
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    First timer question on boned out quarter vs. bone in

    That’s a good idea I have been wanting to get some boned out game bags Longer skinnier ones, for when I do want to bone something out and not have a big glob of meat… 50-ish lb capacity would be perfect so I could throw 2 in my pack if I want to suffer a little, or 1 and a 2/3… is that...
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    First timer question on boned out quarter vs. bone in

    I agree, and I don’t think an 80# glob of meat in a game bag cools much faster than a bone in hind in reality
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    First Lite Quality Going Down?

    i have never had a problem, but have seen some ugly stitching.... i personally don't care even a tiny bit considering what i use them for.... i have not had the ugly stitching turn into anything worse than ugly stitching... besides the kanabs, i have always had good luck with first lite.... i...
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    Vortex Razor UHD vs HD’s

    i would choose the HD over the UHD... the HD are much lighter, less bulky, and for UHD money, you can do much better. i used the UHD for a season and was ready to ditch them quick.... first couple days, the sticker on the focus knob came off... not a big deal of course, just kinda funny and...
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    Crispi sizing help. Comparisons on different models fit

    they need some sort of sizing standard, that's my gripe with crispi, about every model fits different with no clues about fit of each boot all they need is to group boots that use the same last, and have some caveman size chart and an explanation of the different lasts.... Blackovis makes it...
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    Gun store shelves filling up

    i think people are really starting to embrace Joe :ROFLMAO: worrying is over now that he's proven himself ZAP's advice is good, get what you need while it's available. my conspiracy theory is people are spending their ammo hoarding money on other things right now, but consistently available...
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    Pack gripes thread

    depends on needed volume, i had the peregrine and loved that bag, well thought out and good organization with little weight penalty.... for me, i would pick the peregrine or Lanner (assuming they still make both bags) i couldn't get the frame comfortable over 80# and had to pack 107# a long...
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    Pack gripes thread

    If you ever have the chance to put on a seek outside pack, you should… might be exactly what you have always been looking for… their pack systems seem to address the things you don’t like about the rest of the packs, and you can have the hip belt floating or locked in depending on what you are...
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    Asolo Hunter Boots: Extreme & GV

    i'm pretty impressed so far, will be in the mountains all of this week, and if my feelings don't change, i will be buying a second pair soon. if they go back down to 150$, i'm stocking up... i will probably be in them a lot from Oct-May
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    Asolo Hunter Boots: Extreme & GV

    i will probably start a running review thread on the GV version of these boots after a little more time in them.... my reason being, i think they are a very unique boot in the hunting space, they may be that unicorn (for some) that is chased in the numerous "i want a high quality mountain...

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