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    off road campers

    I love going in to the backcountry for hunting and backpacking, but my family is growing and I've become interested in purchasing a simple off road camper trailer. It would be used for family trips but also hunting trips in the fall and winter. Does anybody have experience with them and...
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    muzzleoader scope

    I hope to draw a tag for muzzleloader hunt this fall and I'm interested in purchasing a scope. I've noticed there are several "muzzleloader" scopes, but is there really a difference between a traditional scope for a bolt action rifle? I notice the scope reticle is usually different but...
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    Looking for BC mt goat outfitter

    A couple years ago I cam very close to going on a mt goat hunt in BC, but unfortunately I had to change my plans and missed out on the opportunity. To make a long story short 2016 looks like it will be the year to finally get it done, but it is pretty late to start planning for the 2016 season...
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    AZ clues deer hunting in August

    This January I did not fill my AZ archery tag but I'll get another chance in August. In previous years I go in December but that won't work out this year. Late December and January is the rut for coues deer and I've had about 50% success rate. There are other hunters during January but I've...
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    moisture in insulated boots

    I have two types of hunting boots, hiking boots I use for early season mild conditions and Cabelas (Meindl) Alaska hunter boots for late season or stand hunting. The Cabelas do good for the first couple days of a hunt, but eventually moisture will build up inside the boots and reduce the...
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    Base camp/family tent

    My family has grown in size and I'm shopping for a car camping tent that has plenty of room and tough enough for weather conditions but also little ones. I will also use the tent for hunting when I'm camped at my truck or as a large base camp tent. All of my previous tents have been...
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    How old is too old for carbon arrows?

    This may sound like a stupid question to some, but when should I replace my arrows? Of course if there is a small crack or chips in the carbon I replace them, but I've had some of them for 3 years with no obvious problems. I've replaced the fletching several times on some of them and I'm...
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    disadvantages of shirnk wrap fletching?

    I've fletched my own arrows and been pretty successful. Every 9 or 10 I may screw one up and have to start over but never had problems. I saw a buddy use the new shrink wrap fletching for blazers and was pretty surprised at the results. I thought they would be messy and uneven but pretty much...
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    SPOT global phone

    I've been casually shopping for satellite phones and noticed Spot makes a model. Has anybody used them before or know how they compare to other models available?
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    prices for mountain goat hunts in Alaska and BC

    I posted this question in the mt. got forum but did not get many replies, maybe a few people will notice it here. I've been researching outfitters for a mt goat hunt in 2016. It has become apparent there is an obvious price difference between hunts in Alaska and hunts in BC. Alaska hunts are...
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    price difference of guided hunts in Alaska and BC

    The past year I've been slowly researching different outfitters for a mt goat hunt I plan to do in 2016. It has become apparent there is an obvious price difference between hunts in Alaska and hunts in BC. The BC hunts generally costs 8,500-10,000, and the Alaska hunts average 10,500-12,000...
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    cold feet from sweat

    During my late season hunts I've always worn Meindl Alaska Hunter boots and been satisfied with their performance except my feet get cold when I start glassing or sitting for long periods of time. I prefer to wear my regular hiking boots, but when there is snow on the ground or it is pretty cold...
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    car camping family tent

    My wife and I have always been avid backpackers with lightweight gear. But my wife and I just had a baby and the priorities have changed. We will still do the backpacking and hunting, but the casual car camping or base camp will be more frequent. I've never shopped for larger tents (sometimes...
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    Proper field care for bear hide

    I'll be on a 5 day bear hunt next weekend and have a couple questions about the best/worst way to properly care for my bear hide. I'll only be about 3 miles from my truck and I expect the temps to be in the 40-50 in the day and 20-30s at night. Keep in mind I will be alone in the backcountry...
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    satellite phone suggestions

    I'm planning to rent a satellite phone for a trip in October. Any suggestions? I've just started looking into it, maybe you'all can streamlime the research process. My trip will be in CA in the Sierra mountains. I probably won't need it, but my wife wants to make sure I can contact somebody...