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    WTS Swarovski EL 10x42

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    WTS Swarovski EL 10x42

    Switched to a range finding bino, so selling my lightly used Swarovski EL 10x42 binoculars. These binos have been to the range a handful of times and on one 4 day hunt. Never dropped or dinged, and lenses are completely smudge and scratch fee. Includes original packaging, case and all...
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    Bullet choice for cow elk

    Heading out to Chama, NM on Monday for late season cow hunt. Taking my Springfield Waypoint in 6.5 creedmoor (I shoot it better than my heavier caliber rifles). Rifle shoots both Hornady 143 gr ELD-X and Barnes LRX 127 gr very well. Any thoughts on which is a better choice? Leaning towards...
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    WTS 2019 Mathews Vertix, including Hamskea Trinity rest

    Selling an excellent condition Mathews Vertix. Bow inlcudes installed Hamskea Trinity arrow rest (otherwise bare). Bow is currently set at 70# and 26.5" draw length. Both easily adjustable, may require alternative Mathews mod to change draw length. Asking $750. Bow is currently set at 70#...
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    .30-'06 and .308.

    I think this is pretty much it. I definitely see the overlap between the 3 rifles; I can't imagine a .308 will do anything for me that the 30-06, 300 WM or 6.5 CM won't cover. Problem is ammo availability. I live in Los Angeles, so can't get anything online. When I picked up my 6.5, I spent...
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    .30-'06 and .308.

    Got the itch to get a new rifle. Currently have a .30-'06, .300 WM and 6.5 CM (Weatherby Vanguard, Christensen Arms Mesa, and Christensen Arms MPR, respectively). Considering picking up a Benelli Lupo in .308, since it's a widely available caliber and I don't have one. Is that too much...
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    WTS Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45 - Never Used - Tags Removed - Men's S/M

    Looking to sell my never used Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45. The pack has never been used, however tags were removed purchase. Men's size S/M. $300.00.
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    Sig p365

    I'm incredibly jealous of you all (coming from someone who lives in CA and can't purchase a p365).
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    Sold WTS Maven B1 10x42 Binos (Gray/Orange)

    Bump and price reduction to $575.
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    RL 19 with 6.5 CM (Barnes 127 gr LRX)

    Brand new to reloading/handloading (mostly out of necessity as there's literally zero 6.5 ammo available in Los Angeles). Due to scarcity of basically everything I picked up a jug of RL 19. While it there's plenty of load data for 30.06 and other .30 rounds, I can't find any load data for the...
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    Sold WTS Maven B1 10x42 Binos (Gray/Orange)

    Looking to sell my Maven B1 10x42's. Binos are in like new condition; used at the archery range several times and one light hunt. Includes original packaging and strap. Asking $700, UPS shipping included.
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    WTS WTS Swarovski Z5i 3.5-18x44 - BT-PLEX-I Riflescope

    Selling my Swarovski Z5i 3.5-18x44 with. BT-PLEX-I. Scope is in like new condition, and has been used for 5 range visits. Original packaging and literature included, including adjustment tool, as well as Swaro objective lens cover. Great scope, but prefer my Zeiss and planning on getting...

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