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    Caliber Recommendation for Mt Goat

    Don't overthink it. Take the gun you're most comfortable with. As stated above be very careful where the goat is when you shoot him to reduce chances of him cartwheeling down the mountainside. Also make darn sure you can get to where he is at and recover him before taking a longer shot...
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    max weight backpacking bag

    Just be careful with temperature rating claims as well. For instance, with the Hyke and Byke "0" bag, the zero is the survival/extreme rating. It's comfort rating is 30 and its comfort limit is 15 (all stated on their website) . Its probably a fine bag for the price but is not a zero degree...
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    Bipod or no bipod?

    Not for me.
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    Reworking 700 classic

    If it's a classic it doesn't have a mc stock. I have one in 35 Whelan but it shoots moa even with factory. Nice looking rifles imo!
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    Downsizing to one rifle. Question is, which one.

    I own an 06 and a whelen, and shot my biggest whitetail ever in high school with a barely altered 8x57 mauser (had a scope). Will make no appreciable difference in what you want to use it for - so pick with rifle you like best.
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    Who uses Sleeping bag liners?

    My "liner" is generally wearing a base layer. depending on the season that base layer may be very light or more substantial. On longer trips I may even have a "dedicated" sleeping base layer - so its not funky one I've been hiking/hunting in all week.
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    NULA feedback

    Yeah I was getting close to picking one out and that cooled my jets. Absolutely love my fieldcraft so was interested in getting the "real thing"....
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    Great grandfathers Winchester model 1894 30-30

    They didn't make it in 30-30 the first year. Not until 1895. Looks like the front sight was replaced at some point. Maybe when they added the receiver sight. Cool old rifle!
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    Which company has the best base layers

    My vote is Smartwool or Icebreaker merino wool - but I haven't compared them to much else!
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    7mm twist rate

    If you ever foresee shooting monos much over 140 the 8.5 is a safer bet as well. Good 👍 luck!
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    No Orange for Colorado Archery Hunters

    A pleasant surprise. I figured it was all over but the crying.
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    Another lightweight rifle question

    Cooper Backcountry would be another one to look at - and maybe the Bergara Mountain 2.0....
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    Glock 29 or 40?

    I have and really like my 29 - just because its so out of the way on my hipbelt in the backcountry. 40's are pretty cool, but as stated above, the 20 splits the difference.
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    Flintlocking for a moose in Newfoundland

    Can't help you there...I've only "shot" round balls through my TC Hawken. I'm a round ball guy will all my smoke poles!
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    Light weight magnum rifle

    Cooper makes a nice light weight rifle in magnum calibers. Not sure how shooting a light magnum will treat your spine. And while there's nothing wrong with a magnum rifle, one is certainly not necessary for any of the species your after. Good luck in your search!