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  • Thanks man I appreciate all the help I can get I was actually looking at the northwest portion of the San Juan wilderness area in 78 thus far
    Isn't that something. Pretty much what I was figuring but hoped I was wrong. Hunter habits!
    I looked into the flat tops a little before but not serious. I may have to do a little more. Thanks for the insight. I do appreciate it! I would've been right there with everyone else thinking the same thing. Congrats on your success last year and good luck this season! Thanks, Bill
    I am familiar with the unit and was successful there last year. The area you are looking at is very popular for outfitters and people with stock. Piney Lake gets overrun with road type hunters and they post up at the base of Slate waiting for elk to be pushed to them. This is one of the only 15 square miles where you cannot drive so you will find the more serious hunters here. That being said elk get killed near roads and closer to the edges of 36 every year, they are small and young more often than not though.

    Honestly if you have the time I would look at a unit in the flattops. There's ten time the non-motorized area to spread out in and the outfitters go deep in there. There is area in between them and the road hunters to kill good animals. I am looking into this area for this year with 36 as my fallback if I don't find what I'm looking for.

    Good Luck!
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